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Oct 15, 2020 at 3:14am
Re: Promoting a book
Social media is not good for self-promotion. Facebook is particularly bad. The problem is, so many people post. And even if they do share, the amount of effort for sales is minimal. I've sold as many through WdC as I have through Facebook. Twitter I've sold a few more.

But if you have a lot of friends/followers/whatevers, as them to promote your book, promising to do the same in return. You never know. I also offered to do interviews on blogs, guest posts, that sort of thing. That helped. You never know. Basically, whatever works. I will say, though, that if you have self-published, then it will be a little harder to get people to take notice because of the sheer volume of self-published books that have appeared in 2020.I only got my guest blogs because my publisher (a small sized one in the USA) arranged them for me. Still, make the offers. Find like writers with blogs and offer. The worst is they say, "No."

If you offer free/ARC copies to people who do book reviews, this can also help drive traffic.

It is a lot of online leg work, though. Just don't give up. Good luck going forwards!
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