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Dec 30, 2020 at 10:50am
I'm hoping to write about a DID System, need help.
I've done research, but I have questions. Can someone (preferably an alter or system with DID, or someone familiar with a system) answer them? Of course, please don't answer anything that makes you uncomfortable or anything, but I'll definitely steer clear of topics that have the potential to be triggering to the best of my ability. Here are the questions:

-What is the purpose of a little?
-Can there be more than one or 2 hosts in a system?
-Can an alter have more than one job? (example: Host and Protector)
- what are the jobs within the system? (I'm looking for a quick list with maybe a small overview of what they do.)
-Where do you recommend I go/ do for more credible info? I follow DissociaDID on youtube, and they've been very helpful as far as actual science goes, but less than explanatory for some other things (like the questions above)

Thank you for any help you can provide!
I'm hoping to write about a DID System, need help. · 12-30-20 10:50am
by LorenIsOneOfMyNames
Message Suspended. · 12-30-20 4:25pm
by N/A
Re: Re: I'm hoping to write about a DID System, need help. · 12-30-20 7:36pm
by LorenIsOneOfMyNames

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