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A place for sharing ways you care about this island Earth.
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Feb 20, 2021 at 4:17pm
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Edited: February 23, 2021 at 12:40pm
Tending To Mother Earth
*CheckGr* "Want to control the weather? reducing climate change
*CheckO* "Let’s go swimming in a plastic ocean pollution is just garbage
*CheckP* "Earthship living in a self sustaining house.
*CheckP* Simple Living   making time important instead of owning things.
*CheckY* Recycling  for fun and profit.

How about lowering your carbon footprint? Suggestion, use easy to change small habits first.

Electrical Reduce your energy bill  
1. Turn off lights when not in use.
2. Turn off surge protectors when not in use.
3. Use high energy appliances (like washers) during off-peak use times (lowers energy cost).

Shopping Why pay more?  
4. Use your own bags for shopping instead of store's plastic ones.
5. Drink water from reusable containers instead of single use plastic bottles.
6. Buy canned goods, bulk and raw products instead of packaged.
7. Eat out less to reduce fast food packaging litter and refuse.
8. Buy local and from farmers markets. (limit pollution from travel getting products to you)
9. Eat the food you buy to reduce waste. Garbage emits greenhouse gas and pollutes unless composted first.

Car Drive Smart  
10. Turn off car when stopping longer than 30 seconds.
11. Drive at a consistent highway speed (60 mph saves gas)
12. Keep tires inflated at suggested levels.
13. Reduce weight of what you carry in your car.
14. Anticipate red lights by stepping off the gas and coasting.
15. Ride with the windows up to reduce wind friction.
16. Slow and steady acceleration saves on engine wear and gas.
17. Ride share.
18. Plan ahead for one multiple errand driving trip instead of many smaller ones.

Home Eco friendly living  
19. Recycle furniture and clothes at second hand stores
20. Garden indoors and out for fresh, nutritious good tasting food.
21. Clean with bio-degradable products.
22. Use gray water for plants and cleaning.
23. Reduce use of plastic products.
24. Compost fruit, vegetables and green waste
25. Wear clothes two days in a row. Donate usable clothing to second hand stores.
26. Recycle tin and aluminum cans for fun and profit.
27. Water lawn with 3 inch deep soak once a week after 6PM and before 6AM.
28. Grow plants that require little watering.
29. Store rain water (it is better for plants).
30. Quality over cheap (and easily worn out)
Tending To Mother Earth · 02-20-21 4:17pm
by Bob'n Around

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