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May 1, 2021 at 5:11pm
Re: ratings
often wrong sung --

I suspect he is posting but that I am not seeing.

Not necessarily. Content ratings cannot be changed for just a part of an item. They apply to the whole item. If you can see the item, it's not a content rating issue.

If it's a Book item, he could be posting private entries - that's an access restriction, not a content rating issue. People do that with draft entries they're not finished with and not ready to let anyone see yet. He could also be editing the header to leave himself private notes using the hide tags. Again, not a content rating issue.

It's also possible to edit an item without making changes. Some people think that's a good idea because it shifts the item to the top of the Recently Modified sort in the site search. However, like the boy who cried wolf, it also risks annoying and wasting the time of people who have already Favorited the item. It's usually done with completed items that people are promoting.

how do I check/change the rating of what I can view?

Unless you have previously set a content BLOCKER, which requires using a passcode to unlock higher rated content, you can view any content rating from a portfolio listing or a link. These are usually set by parents on their teenager's account.

What you see in a site search listing, the Reviewers page & its subpages, and the Newsfeeds is determined by your content rating filter, which can be viewed and changed in any location you see it. A convenient one is at the top of the Newsfeed page; it's a drop menu on the right side.

how do I remove something from my favorites list?

Click the FAVORITES header in the right nav column, or My Account/Favorites, to open the Favorites page. Find the item you want to deal with - use the search bar at the top of that page if necessary. Click the X at the right end of that Favorite, and confirm you want to delete it.

Hope that helps.

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