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by W.D.40
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Dialogues of 500 words or less.
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Sep 16, 2021 at 1:00am
The World of Big Words
"Billy," stop."

"Mama, what's up now?"

"You forgot your mask."

"That rubbish? Must I?"

"Listen, my dear, baby boy, if you get this horrid disease, I may not see you any more."

"But, Mama, you're always scolding me that I am a bad boy and that you wish you didn't have me at all."

"Oh, Sonny Jim, that is because you get awfully naughty at times."

"The other children at school do not wear that rubbish thing."

"But you are not one of those children, are you?"

"Rats," under his breath.

"Did I hear something awful from your mouth?"

"Not from me, Mama, that was something from the radio."
"What radio>"

"My small radio in my pocket, Mama."

"You see, my dear boy, all these talks about masks and all are just complaints. People complain a lot because they have to do something they do not want to do, something that is good for themant."

"But...but why a mask it does not help at all, that's what I hear from my classmates."

"Ah, yes, your classmates. Did you hear one of the boys in the other class got symptoms of the disease?"

"Symtongs what, Mama?"

"Symptoms, my dear son, meaning the beginnings of the disease that he got."

"Aw, that is just stories, Mama."

"Okay, Okay, so you're now listening to stories? Aha, what did I tell you before?"

"Can't remember what you told me, Mama."

Well, to remind you, I said if and when you hear talk of something you do not understand, you must come to me, tell me all about it, and we will discuss it; just to make sure you would understand."

"Rubbish..." under his breath.

"What did you say, Son?"

"Nothing at all Mama just listening to my radio."

"But we are having a discussion here, my boy, are we not?"

"What all about this rubbish mask?"

"Wear it, my Son, if you don't want to get sick."

"You always say I have a strong constition, Mama."

"Say it properly, my Son, constitution."

"Okay, Okay, its hard to say it proper."

"Now, then what did I keep telling you?"

"Telling me what Mama?"

"That if there is something you cannot say properly, or understand, that you would come to me; and we shall talk about it."

"All about grammr again, Mama?"

"Grammar is the good way to speak properly, my boy."

"Not always Mama because sometimes my teacher cannot talk proper."

"Don't say that about your teacher, Son. He is good with words, your grammar teacher."

"All big words and all that that is too much to listen to sometimes."

"So, you now think big words are not good to learn?"

"I didnt say that, Mama, I just said he talks big words that me and my classmates dont understand."

"Hey, Son, you are supposed to ask questions when you don't understand what the teacher is saying."

"But then he always talks in big words when I get to ask him."

"Then, it is your chance to learn more about the words if you keep asking him until you understand, what?"

"It got boring Mama and the words get really boring."

"Well, maybe I should talk to your teacher about it,"

"Oh no Mama!!!"

"What, my Son, it will be all right."

"Then I'll get to hear more big words."

"What are you scared about, my Son?"

"I'm not scared at all Mama I just dont want to hear more big words."

"Aha, so now it seems you have not been doing your assignment properly."

"But I have Mama I have."

"Why, my big boy, you are definitely scared of your grammar teacher."

"Not my teacher Mama just the big words."

"Ooops, it's getting a bit late; do hurry up and wear your mask, please."

The boy put on his mask, grumbling as he walks away from his Mama.
The World of Big Words · 09-16-21 1:00am
by elephantsealer
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by W.D.40

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