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Oct 13, 2021 at 8:20pm
adam ate the apple prompt 4
by JCosmos
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I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Adam Ate The Apple  (E)
re-telling of the story of the Apple

Adam Eats the Apple

The snake
Was ready.

His mission
To convince Adam and Eve
To eat the apple
In defiance of God’s edict.

Following the directions
Of his Satanic Master.

The Snake went up to Eve first
He was a conniving fellow
Filled with BS and
smarmy lounge lizard lines.

“Eve my babe, looking sexy!
What’s up?”

“Not much Mr. Snake.”

“Hey, what’s Adam up to?
He is staring at the apple

“We both wonder
Why the man
Has said we can’t eat it.”

“Man Eve, you got to tell Adam
It is time to eat the damn apple
The man can’t keep you down
You know what I mean,
My Jelly bean?”

“Yeah, I suppose so.”

Eve went to the tree
Picked an apple ate it
Smiled seductively at Adam
And offered him the forbidden fruit.

Adam ate the fruit
And they both knew
The secrets of the universe.

God appeared
Told them that they would have to leave
The garden of Eden
Along with their friend the Snake.

God kicked them out of paradise
Exiled them forever.

The snake smiled
Went back to hell
Briefed his master
Who rewarded him

Turning him into a human
Sent him back
To further temp
Adam and Eve
And their descendants,
adam ate the apple prompt 4 · 10-13-21 8:20pm
by JCosmos
Re: adam ate the apple prompt 4 · 10-15-21 11:40pm
by Warped Sanity
Re: Re: adam ate the apple prompt 4 · 10-16-21 6:27am
by JCosmos

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