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May 1, 2022 at 1:02pm
Thinking about memes

As someone who regularly deconstructs memes and looks at how they can impact people's mental health, I've been wondering how others perceive memes. I thought about conducting a survey but realized that it might not generate truly candid feedback. Instead, I'm posing the question as a discussion.

What are your thoughts on memes?

If you're not sure where to start in answering that question, you can consider thinking about these points.

*Questiong* How seriously do you take memes?
*Questiong* Do you think memes are harmful, good, or somewhere in between?
*Questiong* What things do you (dis)like most about memes?
*Questiong* What feelings do you usually have after looking at memes?

I look forward to hearing from everyone and finding out a bit more on various perspectives of this issue. *Smile*

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Thinking about memes · 05-01-22 1:02pm
by Stik's Ready to Run!
Re: Thinking about memes · 05-04-22 6:23pm
by Steven reads Ursula K PenGuin
Re: Re: Thinking about memes · 05-05-22 8:19am
by Stik's Ready to Run!
Re: Re: Re: Thinking about memes · 05-05-22 6:21pm
by Steven reads Ursula K PenGuin

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