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May 5, 2022 at 8:19am
Re: Re: Thinking about memes
The second point you make resonates with me the most. I actually get the most upset over memes that perpetuate toxic positivity cliches. The one upside is that it seems I do have company in this regard. Even so, on social media I still try not to share too many memes of any sort in an effort to role model the types of posts I'd like to see more frequently.

As for the MAD/Cracked formats, which memes from today have the most similar format to those publications? (Gotta admit that while I am getting older 60s/70s is far enough before my time that my parents hadn't even met yet.)

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Thinking about memes · 05-01-22 1:02pm
by Stik's Ready to Run!
Re: Thinking about memes · 05-04-22 6:23pm
by Steven reads Ursula K PenGuin
*Star* Re: Re: Thinking about memes · 05-05-22 8:19am
by Stik's Ready to Run!
Re: Re: Re: Thinking about memes · 05-05-22 6:21pm
by Steven reads Ursula K PenGuin

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