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Share your thoughts about self-publishing and/or sign up for the group.
Use this form to request membership in "On Our Own" or just to share your thoughts about self-publishing/POD.

Thoughts worth sharing may be posted to the group forum, with or without the poster's ID, as requested.

Multiple submissions allowed | (R) denotes a required field.
You may submit your survey anonymously by checking the box to the left.
1.   Publishing Background (R)
        I am traditionally published.
        I am self-published using a printing service.
        I published with a POD (print on demand) company.
        I am both traditionally and self-published.
        I am not published.
        Other (please explain in comments)
2.   How did you find this group?
        Sponsored Item Area
        From a Friend/Acquaintance
        Image Link from a Group Member's Port/Post
        Other link from within Writing.com (please state where in comments)
        Off-site Web Page
        Browsing Owner's Port
        Other (please state where in comments)
3.   Do you see self-publishing/POD as becoming a larger impact on the industry in years to come?
        It depends on the quality of SP/POD books
        It's doubtful
        Not in my lifetime
        No opinion - I haven't thought much about the issue.
        Other (please state below in comments)
4.   How do you think the general reader feels about buying a self-published book rather than a traditionally published book?
        They are concerned about the quality of writing.
        They are concerned about the quality of printing.
        It wouldn't make a difference. It all depends on marketing.
        They are glad to support independent authors.
        I don't think they would pay attention to the publisher.
        I haven't heard enough about the issue of self-publishing to know.
        Other (please state below in comments)
5.   If you have self-published, have you had trouble marketing?
        No trouble! Things are going well!
        Sales are slow, but I'm not sure how to market.
        Sales are slow, although I have done a lot of marketing.
        I have been turned down for advertising because I'm self-published.
        No one I have approached has cared that I'm self-published.
        I hide the fact that I self-published.
        I haven't started marketing yet.
6.   What is your primary writing genre?
7.   What country are you from?
8.   Feel free to submit comments about the group, the survey, or about self-publishing in general. Thank you for your participation!
9.   Would you like your user ID shown if your comments are used within the group?
10.   Are you interested in joining this group? (R)
        Yes, sign me up!
        I'm still thinking about it.
        No, I'm not interested in joining.
*Note* Disclaimer: The information submitted will be sent to Voxxylady . Do not submit anything private or confidential.


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