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by Andrew
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Coming today (23 Feb. 2014) 6-7:30pm WDC (Eastern) Time. Bring your friends!
Testing out Photoshop CC, figured I'd try to get some of my "homework" done early... *Pthb*

The Quill Awards  [ASR]
Recognizing the best of WDC in 2019
by Elle

For a full list of nominations, go here: "2013 Quills Nominations and Winners
For the nominee group, go here: "2013 Quills Nominees

Hello and welcome to the 2014 PreQuill Gala! The PreQuill Gala will take place on Sunday 23 February 2014 from 6pm to 7:30pm WDC time (EST). Thanks to all who nominated and congratulations to all those who were nominated!

What's a PreQuill, you ask? Well, it's a red carpet event for all our nominees, panelists, and friends (and anyone who wants to attend) to come and mingle! At this event:

- you'll be introduced to the 2013 Quill Awards Panel, including our celebrity judges;
- we'll announce the Best Reviewing shortlist;
- you'll experience the big reveal of who the finalists are in 9 categories, including Best Portfolio; and
- we'll present of 3 Quill Awards (but we're not saying which ones yet! *Wink*)

PreQuill Ceremony Manners:
*Quill* I will give an introduction at the beginning and me and the presenters will give a little spiel on each award, followed by some kind of drumroll and the announcement of the winner.
*Quill* After each winner is announced, there will be a minute or so of time for the winner to post an acceptance speech if he/she is so inclined and/or present.
*Quill* For the PreQuill, you're invited and encouraged to chat along in the thread! Feel free to give comments, congratulate winners, call out your favorites, describe your attire, etc., etc. (Hint: Press the F5 key to refresh the page and keep up with comments *Wink*)
*Quill* There will also be a separate chat room, so take your pick on where you'd like to join the chatter.
         Instructions for joining chat
*Quill* You're also welcome to talk in this item both before and after the ceremony.
*Quill* Keep it in the rating please!
*Quill* Have fun!

Special thanks to our panelists and all our judges!

Program Order
(feel free to email Andrew with suggestions for additions or changes)

                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Welcome and opening
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Finalists announced for Best Newsletter Editing
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Finalists announced for Best Raffle or Auction
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Surprise award #1
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Finalists announced for Best New Contest
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Sponsor recognition
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Finalists announced for Best Medium-Length Poem, Free Verse
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Surprise award #2
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Finalists announced for Best Flash Fiction
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Finalists announced for Best Contest
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Surprise award #3
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* An introduction to the judges
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Finalists announced for Best Short Story (1)
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Announcing the shortlist for Best Reviewing
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Finalists announced for Best Portfolio
                                                                                         *Fleurdelis* Closing words

Hannah ♫♥♫ (Andrew )

blainecindy (Andrew )

Fi (Andrew )

Congrats Jeff! (ENB )

Mandy (Andrew )

And finally.... (Andrew )

Brooke (Andrew )

Congratulations! (Andrew )

Congrats to all the finalists!! (Elle )

And congratulations to all of tonight's winners and finalists! The full list of finalists and winners from tonight should be up at "2013 Quills Nominations and Winners by midnight WDC time tonight. (Andrew )

You guys are all amazing! (ENB )

WOW, some of my most favourite people are in that group! Congratulations to all of the finalists!! (Rhonda )

Be sure to join us next week at "The 7th Annual Quill Awards Ceremony where we'll present the rest of the awards. (Andrew )

*tugs on waiter's lapel* Somebody make sure that they call Fivesixer a cab. (Patrick )

It's your work that makes this site the incredible place it is, and it's an absolute honor for all of us here at the Quills to recognize these efforts. Congratulations, have an excellent day, and of course, write on! (Andrew )

What was Surprise Award #2? I think I missed it. (Elle )

You guys missed Elle in the finalists! (Patrece~So busy!!! )

Whoo hoo! Congrats!! (Fivesixer )

I am so AMAZED! I can't believe I won a Quill! I *Heart* WDC (Angels in my Ear )

Thanks Andrew! This has been great! (Matt Bird MSci (Hons) AMRSC )

Thank you Andrew for all you have done for our Community/ Thank you to all of the judges, presenters and nominees keep doing what you do because you do it so well. Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen! (Rhonda )

Ha ha, nope, Patrece. Wasn't expecting to be in that group of finalists. Need some serious organisation done first! *Smirk* (Elle )

Congrats to you Angels in my Ear ! You deserve it! (Patrece~So busy!!! )

now... JAMESON ON ICE!!!! (Liam )

(Elle, it was Non-Fic Collection.) (Andrew )

First one that calls me "a cab" is getting a real good talking to! *Laugh* (Fivesixer )

I can't believe I am a finalist! *Shock* (Patrece~So busy!!! )

Congrats to all the finalists and winners! *Smile* Hope to see you all back next week! I'm out...*stumbles to cab* (Amalie Cantor - We Got This! )

Aw, shame I missed that, Andrew. Quick, go and update the board so I can see the results! *Laugh* (Elle )

*tugs on waiter's lapel* Ummmm ... nevermind the cab. Just make sure he falls asleep on his side. (Patrick )

My thanks for the recognition of my short story! Now... I must study algebra *FacePalm* (Patrece~So busy!!! )

Cheers, Liam! *Bottle3* Here's to you, my friend! *Smile* (Patrick )

Back at ya... nite nite (Liam )

You know what sucks? My family and friends have no idea how huge this is for me! Only you guys get it! (Angels in my Ear )

On to the after party! *Bigsmile* Superb job, Andrew. (Mandy )

Elle You're good a keeping secrets. You live in tomorrow and you never told me that I won. (Angels in my Ear )

*Laugh* (Fivesixer )

Great evening. Night guys! (Matt Bird MSci (Hons) AMRSC )

Did somebody say.... PARTY (Liam )

I wish they did get it! You deserve a pat on the back from them as well Angels in my Ear (Patrece~So busy!!! )

Yeah Elle , tomorrow-liver! (Fivesixer )

Aundria - tell your family and friends that there are currently 83,623 authors on this site, and out of all of them, you were not only nominated, but won, as voted by your fellow members. That is impressive!! (Elle )

I didn't want to ruin the surprise. *Bigsmile* (Elle )

Angels in my Ear Sorry they don't get it but your WDC Family very much gets it and wants to congratulate and celebrate with you! (Rhonda )

Bye bye all. Study time! (Patrece~So busy!!! )

Ack! I missed the party. sigh! (Carly - Happy Summer! )

There's another one next week, Carly! (Elle )

*Brings in broom, mop, dustpan, vacuum, and a handful of garbage bags. Sighs. Looks like I missed it all, but at least I am already dressed appropriately for cleaning. (Myst )

I missed it, but based on these last 50 comments, looks like it was a blast! Congrats to all! (A*30s*Faith )

Apologies to everyone for being a no show, but I fell asleep after a weekend of night shift. Congratulations to all the finalists and early winners! Regards, drboris (drboris )

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