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Ever sing along with the radio, only to realize you were singing it wrong - WAY wrong??
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Misheard lyrics: we all have them. Whether you figured it out yourself, or friends and family goad you with, "You thought it said what??

Finding out what the lyrics really say can bring us from facepalms to gigglefests. There are websites galore paying tribute to this universal SNAFU, one of the better ones:


Give me your embarassing lyrics...you never know - someone might hear the exact same thing! *Bigsmile*

BlueMoon says "When I was younger I heard ''Awesome God'' as ''our god is an awful god'' and sang it that way. My folks thought it was cute. "

Dad says "No clue how I got Melanie's "Brand New Key" lyrics screwed up. I thought the line "I asked your mother if you were at home" was I asked your mother if you were right for me." Just where in the Sam Hell did that come from?"

Joto-Kai says "The amusing bit is I think my lyrics are a cut above the real ones sometimes. Example: "Loving you'd be easy if you promise to like my dream. Red, golden dreams." Boy George, Karma Chameleon. Ah, and so it was... well, till she woke up... "

Cheryl Z Brillian says "Here's one: Britney Spears "Oops, I did it again"... I misheard it like "Oops on duty again."*BigSmile*"

Deb says "I thought Katy Perry was singing,"Do you wanna play with my G. My 13 year old informed me that it was magic. Who knew?"

Whata Here, There, Corningware says "Funny peeps! Good idea. Don't bring me doown...Bruce! ELO. Should be DEUCE *Laugh* And She's a dick and I'm drowning slowly... Ben Folds Five. Should be BRICK."

~Minja~ says "I don't know if youtube link works here but this lyric madness was too funny to me Are those reebok or nike  ?! *Rolling*"

Kittiara says "And of course there's Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On - "And I know that the hotdogs go on...""

Kittiara says ""I don't need a pair of shoes, baby if I've got you, baby if I've got you, I don't need a pair of shoes..." It's supposed to be parachute. *Facepalm* I turned the lyrics even more 1950s. That's Parachute by Cheryl Cole, by the way."

Hereward says "Peter Gabriel's 'Games Without Frontiers' has the title being recited in French at the beginning which I heard as 'Sheer, so frump the air', leaving the question of what it means to frump something."

DyrHearte writes says "Not so embarrassing, but still wrong...Def Leppard's "Are You Getting It?" sounded like Armageddon it *Smile* "

Andy~2021 has to be better says "The lyrics to Abba's Summer Night City had me puzzled for a long time. It's an odd melody at the best of times, but my confusion was always "Walking in the moonlight, love". For some reason it sounded like "Fucking in the moonlight glow" *Shock2*"

pumpkin says "In Young Love, my friend thought Freddie Fender was singing, "Oh a tree in motion". I thought it was Poetry in motion", but it's Oh, what true devotion"."

Don't Care says "and at the end of SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT the repeating words was both TURN IT LOUDER, TURN THE LIGHT OUT, TURN IT LOUDER.......... "

Don't Care says "Nirvana sang SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT. When it first came out the hook phrase "A Mulatto, An Albino, A Mosquito, A Libido". to me sounded like TURN THE LIGHT OUT, IN A BEDROOM, I WON'T STAY LONG, AN IT'LL BE YOURS. "

Dragyn says "It's not a song lyric, BUT since 9th grade, there's a stretch where you push your knees out and go up on tip toe while kinda squatting. I heard it as "Four Starch"... Today, my teacher explained it, and she called it "forced arch" so much more sense!"

Dad says "How about Lucille. "With four hundred children and the crops in the field." Yup. Me."

Osirantinous says "On a car trip once, mum made us listen to country. My sister goes 'what's he saying?' 'Adios amigo,' mum replies (the Jim Reeves song). 'Oh,' she says, 'I thought he was saying "I saw a beagle".'"

PandaPaws;VETTECH Class of '20 says "My mother that that the lyrics for George Strait's "Check Yes or No" were "Jackass or No"... leading to many fun sing-alongs... *Laugh* "

Sanita says " Dean martin's, "li'l Ole Wine Drinker," The line, "My baby left for Florida on the train," I thought, (and was absolutely astounded that he would sing such a thing) he was singing. "My baby left a floater on the train." Well he did slur his words. lol "

Choconut says "This isn't so much lyrics I got wrong, more of a weird compulsion to always sing Don't Cry For Me Margarina, rather than Argentina *Blush*"

Word Warrior beating cancer!! says "**Laugh*s with Sanita* It was Build Me Up Buttercup (one of my FAVES)! Now that you mention it, it DOES sound like that! *plays record in my head* "

Sanita says "Have to tell you this one, an oldie but goodie. Do you remember Buttercup Baby by The Foundations? Well the line, "I'll be beside the phone waiting for you," guess who thought it was, "I'll be a xylophone waiting for you," ? Yep, me."

Word Warrior beating cancer!! says "I'll get the ball rolling! Singing along to the local 80/90s radio station this A.M. to "Lay Down Sally by Eric Clapton. All these years I've been singing "Sunny Nelly on the rise," and I realized it says "Sun ain't nearly on the rise!" *Laugh*"

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