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A special group for our Candidates!
Welcome, Rising Star Candidates!!!

"I am a Rising Star!" glass image.

You are about to embark on an exciting, and sometimes challenging, three-month adventure!
Buckle-up! We are aiming for the stars!!!

*Star* The first thing we'd like you to do is to create a dedicated Rising Stars Folder.
You will use this folder to place each Writing Challenge you complete. Additionally, each poem, essay, or story must be free-standing with its own item number, not as a book or blog entry.

*Star* Create a Blog to journal about your Rising Stars experience.

*Star* Tasks will be released weekly and will have due dates.

*Star* Remember we are here to help, so contact us anytime with questions or concerns!
Leader: Lilli ☕
Co-Leader: warpedsanity

*Star* "The Rising Stars Java Hut is open now. This is a forum to get to know each other, chat, and ask questions.

*Star* The "Spring Writing Jamboree will open on March 1! Your assignments will be posted here!

*Star* The "Fall Writing Festival will open on September 1! Your assignment will be posted here!

Helpful links:

The Rising Stars Java Hut  [13+]
Gathering place for our Rising Star Candidates
by Lilli ☕

Spring Writing Jamboree   [13+]
Challenge Forum for the Spring Rising Star Candidates
by Lilli ☕

The Rising Stars Tour Bus  [E]
A One-Stop Mini-Tour of our Program, Past & Present
by Lilli ☕

Fall Writing Festival  [13+]
Challenge Forum for the Fall Rising Star Candidates
by Lilli ☕

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Lilli ☕ -- Leader

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