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Well developed characters are essential to good stories.
Your Characters can Make or Break your story!

*Star* We all love to root for our favorite Heros and Heroines as they face overwhelming odds, fall in love, get that promotion or achieve that ultimate goal.

*StarBl* Who doesn't love to hate the bad guy? We all have our favorite villains that we secretly root for. We love to watch them wreak havoc in the lives of those around them and we love watching them thwarted and conquered ...even as we root for them to get back up!

*StarB* What about those quirky, offbeat, essential secondary and background characters? Who doesn't love the town drunk, the loudmouth bully, the waspish librarian or the chatty cat lady?

*StarfishR* It is not always easy creating the perfect cast of characters for your story. For your characters to come to life they have to be multidimensional and well rounded.

*BurstBR* Heres are some keys that will hopefully help you in your quest to develop your characters:

In-depth Character Profile Sheet  (E)
A character profile sheet to help create dynamic characters. Suitable for all Genres
#2193844 by Kristina ~

Riding the Blimp  (18+)
Discussions of the Writer's Craft by a life-long writer. What's on your mind?
#2191788 by Blimprider

Fictional Character Resources  (E)
Tools for creating and organizing character data for a long-term series
#1195659 by Patricia Gilliam

Character Interview Questions  (18+)
How Well Do You Know Your Character?
#2213712 by Kristina ~

*FlagBl* Please show appreciation to the writers above who graciously allowed us to link their works and resources to our group page by taking the time to give them a review.

Developing your characters should be fun and here, we can help! Bouncing ideas off each other to create the perfect character takes the chore out of it and puts the fun into it. Who knows what you will come up with!

: Tina Stone
: 02-22-20 @ 5:57pm
: Half the time, I forget the names of my characters, much less know even half what is pointed out and asked on those character profiles and interview forms. Maybe I do, maybe that's why I struggle so much with my characters. So much to think about now!

: Tina Stone
: 02-19-20 @ 7:19pm
: Oh, that is sinister Biker!

: Bikerider 10 years!
: 02-14-20 @ 6:41am
: Hey {suser:rinsoxy}, maybe love motivates your character to evil. He's been spurned and publicly humiliated by the woman he loves. If he's evil enough he can force/coerce her be his bride which would publicly humiliate her? Revenge as a motive?

: Tina Stone
: 02-12-20 @ 1:50pm
: Tell me more {euser:rinsoxy} ! Share a bit more about your story and plot and what your villain's motives are. WHY does he want to be the source of all evil in the universe? How will he KNOW he has achieved this goal? Does he have a name yet?

: rinsoxy
: 02-12-20 @ 1:29am
: I need a villain, one that is ambitious enough to want to become the source of all evil in the omniverse. Sick and twisted? Idk

: Tina Stone
: 02-03-20 @ 2:31pm
: Hello, Welcome to our Character development board. What kind of character would you like help to create? Please tell us about the story and what role your character will play. What do you need for them to do? Don't be shy, let's get creative!

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