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by Zhen
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Write what could change your life.
The purpose of this In & Out is to inspire all of us. Got a hot premise you don't mind sharing? Looking for a fab premise for your next short story? In screenplays, your premise is the logline. There are a few formulaic approaches:

1. You want something so you go search, you find something (it represents the theme), you take it, return home and all is lost, so you change.
3. The story is what the hero did to get what he wanted and why.

However, your premises doesn't need to fit a formula. Consider Jurassic Park: humans and dinosaurs are alive together, battling for top position. Consider Star Wars: When a princess' life is at stake, a young farmer fights to save her.

Have a great story idea you want to share? Write the premise here.

Need inspiration? Read it here. You might want to credit the premise authors in your work.

: Zhen
: 08-02-20 @ 6:58pm
: After recovering from having been human trafficked, the underemployed decides to write a blockbuster about the professors who human trafficked her.

: Zhen
: 08-02-20 @ 7:00pm
: A glacier melts into the ocean. Sea levels rise a foot. Kelly, a young, thin, pretty activist, starts lobbying for planting trees.

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