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Cat and castle sig from Merynn. Beautiful Poser of me by best friend Angel. Beautiful Trophy from Sherri & Simply Positive Group for being Simply Positive Reviewer Hello! Welcome to my Web Page. I am Princess Megan Rose. I am a writer/author, Moderator and a friend to all. I hope you will enjoy my web page and come and visit my port. I will do the same for you. A beautiful sig by my best friend Angel of me as the Princess. Beautiful Poser of Princess, unicorns and castle by Angel. This is where you will get to know me.
Megan's Blog City Journal  (ASR)
Entries for Blog City are here and maybe other surprises.
#977405 by Princess Megan Rose
Who Is Megan Rose?  (E)
An essay about me and things about me you didn't know.
#788033 by Princess Megan Rose
My Autobiography  (E)
A autobiography about me. Somewhat interesting
#475348 by Princess Megan Rose
I am 1/8 Cherokee Indian and I wrote these in honor of my Native American roots.
Native American Items  (E)
A home for my Native American stories, poems and Cherokee Class Assignments.
#930869 by Princess Megan Rose
** Image ID #1061954 Unavailable ** Beautiful Poser of Native American Woman by best friend Angel.
Audrey Hepburn  (E)
Items and pictures of Audrey Hepburn.
#1248168 by Princess Megan Rose
I also have English roots and would like to have lived in England in the Medieval Times. I wrote these items with that in mind.
Medieval And Modern Royal Women   (18+)
A home for the women of Medieval and modern royalty.
#903665 by Princess Megan Rose
The Royal Wedding Princesses, Queens  (ASR)
The Royal Wedding. Fictional stories of Princesses and Queens.
#873145 by Princess Megan Rose
I love to write about Jane Austen. Here is where you will find items about Jane.
My Creative Jane Austen Written Items  (E)
Items pertaining to Jane Austen, a beautiful woman author.
#1646252 by Princess Megan Rose
Back To The Past: Jane Austen Series  (ASR)
I wrote this story about my friend Jennifer{an author at WDC} and me in Jane Austen's time
#1768931 by Princess Megan Rose
Jane Austen CampFire, Her Life, Stories  (ASR)
My friend Carol and I are writing about Jane Austen, her life stories and all about her.
#2156232 by Princess Megan Rose
Jane Austen Newsletters  (ASR)
This folder is for my Jane Austen newsletters.
#1313701 by Princess Megan Rose
A neat Jane Austen ladies pictures. Another Jane Austen Painting by best friend Angel. Beautiful lawn image of Jane Austen and her book with flowers and a silhouette. This statue was part of the Jane Austen 200TH Celebration These items are about my kitty Bella.
Bella's Fantasy  (E)
A cat's tale dedicated to my kitty Bella.
#1799755 by Princess Megan Rose
My Kitty Bella  (E)
An essay about my new kitty Bella and a memory of my cat Tigger.
#1797489 by Princess Megan Rose
A better look at Bella and me by best friend Angel. Bella is being affectionate. Another beautiful painting of Bella and me by best friend Angel. My Lenten Adventures where you will find my religious items and where I was Mary Madalene in character and followed Jesus. I love Jesus.
Lenten Adventure Writings  (E)
Writings for my Lenten Adventure.
#1754104 by Princess Megan Rose
Beautiful Mary Magdalene and Jesus Poser by best friend Angel Another beautiful Poser of Mary Magdalene by best friend Angel. ** Image ID #953584 Unavailable **
Prince: Purple Rain  (ASR)
This folder is for Prince items. I loved him.
#997438 by Princess Megan Rose
Here is where you will find my poems.
Home For My Poems  (ASR)
These are poems I have written.
#507005 by Princess Megan Rose
I love Star Wars and I couldn't resist writing this. I love Anikan Skywalker and the actor Hayden Christensen who plays him. Darth Vader wasn't always bad. Padme loved him. I hope you will enjoy reading this.
Padme Skywalker's Journal  (ASR)
The story of Padme and Anakin's romance written in journal form.
#973372 by Princess Megan Rose
*Flower1* *Flower3* *Flower4* I hope that you will sign my guestbook.
Princess Megan's Special Guests Book  (E)
Welcome! All my guests are special. Come on in!
#985395 by Princess Megan Rose
Here are some items by some great authors and dear friends of mine. They are treasures and I love them! Please read these items and visit their ports. Thank you for dropping by. Love: Megan
Sara's Port  (18+)
My Original Full Length Romance Novel - Completed 16 Years Ago This Summer
#269117 by ♥hOOves♥
sunny's journals and blogs  (E)
Ah yeah a place for all kinds of journals and blogs
#928525 by Sunnie
My beautiful sigs are all done by best friend Angel. A beautiful sig by best friend Angel of me, dolls and teddy bears. A cute, adorable sig of my kitty and me on the computer. ** Image ID #963595 Unavailable ** My adorable Birthday sig by best friend Angel. A neat Poser of me and my cats in my cozy room by best friend Angel.

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