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Map of Cabot's cove
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"Murder on Cabot's Landing
Max Griffin


Extracts from the New Omnibus Mandaean Almagest and Dataset [NOMAD] 3172 CE

Cabot's Landing, NOMAD 129.683.365.120, is a class K star approximately 562 light years from the Immaculate Concourse. The Cabot system has six planets in conventional orbits ranging from .2AU to 86AU. The system was purchased in 2312 CE from the Grand Alliance by Cabot Industries Trust of Old Home Earth. See the entry for Cabot's Cove.

Cabot's Cove, NOMAD 129.683.365.120.B.3, is a class 12 satellite of Kenebec (NOMAD 129.683.365.120.B), a Type II gas giant orbiting 1.2 AU from the local star. The system and satellite are currently owned by the Praetorian Syndicate of Elsinore. Cabot's Cove consists almost entirely of a planet-encompassing ocean with only one significant land mass, Bountiful, an island of approximately 58,000 km2. The satellite is notable for large deposits of dysprosium and other rare earth metals. Native marine life is abundant (see the entry for bandersnatch), but land life forms appear to be restricted to a few primitive plant species and various viral and microbial parasites.

Cabot Industries Trust (CIT) purchased the system in 2312 and human operations began in 2318. CIT seeded the land mass with a genetically engineered ecosystem to support a species of wheat (see triticum cabitorum) designed to provide biomass for the automated food processors common to the era. In addition to constructing cybernetic mining operations in the western mountains of the single land mass, the company placed a standard self-sustaining habitat on the southeastern shore which provided for indefinitely housing up to one hundred human technicians. CIT also constructed an adjacent ghostport which included automated facilities for replenishing and repairing up to three Cruiser Class ghostships at any time, and up to fifteen tactical transports.

Subsequently, the Grand Alliance leased space for a ghostfleet base and a marine base on the planet. CIT also leased limited colonial rights to a subsidiary foundation and funded an agricultural research station on a small island south of the main mini-continent, Bountiful.. At its peak, Cabot's Landing supported a population of over 12,000 humans.

Mining operations ceased in 2462 at the start of the Great Disintegration, and by 2464 CIT had evacuated all personal from the Cabot Landing system.

With the rediscovery of ghost condensate shunt starships [ghostships], contact with the system resumed in 3107 with an expedition by the Praetorian Syndicate. All of the original CIT installations rebooted successfully, although the colony, research station, and marine base were in ruins, presumably due to outlaw raids during the Disintegration. The mines resumed operations in 3112. In 3142 the mines were again shut down due to the discovery of more economical sources of rare earths. The industrial port and the ghostport known as Cabot Lodge remain operational, with facilities for the emergency repair of commercial ghostships.

Pursuant to the Imperial Decree of 3168, the Praetorian Syndicate maintains continuous human occupancy of the planet via a resident caretaker in order to sustain its title to the Cabot Landing system.

Map of Cabot's cove
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