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A whole variety of your favorite cartoons that involve tickling!
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Chapter 53: Uses the tickling machine!  
    by: Laurenlily  More by this author
So the Terwilliger family barged in! The Simpson family were watching TV. "What's going on?" Bart asked. "We're getting revenge!" Sideshow Bob yelled. Then they tied the family up. Their arms were above their heads and their feet were bare. Well Gino pulled off their shoes and socks. "You won't get away with this!" Marge yelled. "I already have, Mrs. Simpson!" He yelled, "Behold my latest invention!" He pulled the cloth off of it. "What is that?" Lisa asked. "It's a tickling machine." Sideshow Bob said. Gino waved his feather at Bart. "Tickle tickle!" He yelled. Bart gulped. Eventually he grinned. "You're plotting this again aren't you?" He asked. Sideshow Bob was annoyed now. "Never mind that, prepare for your torture!" He yelled. And so he pushed a red button on the remote. Fingers and feathers came closer to the family. The Terwilligers laughed mechanically! The Simpsons family screamed in horror! The Simpsons family laughed so hard when it was tickling them! Bart was wetting his pants already! It was tickling their armpits, sides, ribs, stomach and their feet! They were tickled for a few hours.

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