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when you spy on your sisters sleep over what will happen.
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Chapter 6: you then get turned into a girl every saturday  
    by: Past Member 'chethatton'  More by this author
"Bobby, Bobby!" The voice of Sarah into your ear, causing you to yawn and wake up.

You opened your eyes and lifted your head, you saw your sister eagerly standing by your bed holding the remote in her hands.

"Oh crap, it's Saturday again already?!" You moaned.

Sarah giggled.

It had been almost a month since you were caught spying on her sleepover, and since then she has been right on time to turning you into an 8-year-old girl every saturday for, well, pretty much forever. It was annoying to have to lose your masculinity (as well as your puberty) all the time, but Sarah had put a fail safe on you with the remote that would paralyze you if you tried to run away, so you didn't fight it anymore.

"Just... *yawn*" You said as you rolled on your belly, squeezing your arms to appreciate your teenage-boy body one last time today, "just get it over with."

That is when you felt the familiar shock of the ray, followed by multiple body parts disappearing and being replaced by new ones, your hair growing, your limbs shrinking, your face and complexion becoming clearer and cuter, your flesh becoming a little more loose and flabby, and unofficially; your name changing from Bobby to Brianna.

After your atomic structure cooled down from the transformation, you had the energy to get right out of bed and stand before your sister.
"What clothes do you have for me to wear?" You asked her. Your shirt was barely hanging on and your boxers had to be supported by your arms to stay up. Plus, they were rather dirty and you couldn't help but be disturbed by boy cooties in this body.

"Just some more stuff from the back of my dresser." Sarah replied as she handed you a stack of her clothes.

"Ok, *sigh* thanks." You replied as you took the clothes and went into your bathroom.

This was all very embarrassing for you; you're supposed to be her big brother, not her twin sister. Or heck, you were actually a little smaller than her in this body, and she was even telling you how to dress. You took off your boy clothes, took a shower and put on a purple T with blue flowers, black sweatpants and
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