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by Kahn
Rated: 18+ · Interactive Story · Erotica · #1882370
The characters of Katawa Shoujo pack on the pounds!
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Chapter 4: Gigantic Body, Gigantic Trauma  
    by: Kahn  More by this author
Oh, yes, Hanako remembered the fire. She remembered the scars. But, mostly, she remembered the torment. She remembered the jeers and taunts of her peers, people she thought were her friends, torturing her over the most devastating moment in her entire life, every day being reminded of the event that took her parents and disfigured her for life. But that wasn't the only reason she was bullied. She was also the fattest kid in school.

After the fire, Hanako was inconsolable. She had gone taciturn, rarely speaking, shied away from people, left her room only when necessary. She had no friends at the Orphanage. The other children were too intimidated by her scarred appearance to even so much as approach her. And at the end of the day, she preferred it that way. Like they would be able to comfort her. The only thing that gave her any comfort was food. When her parents died, she filled the whole that they left with delicious, glorious food. Creamy cakes, chewy cookies, cold ice cream, if she could get her hands on it, she would devour it whole.

Before the fire, Hanako wasn't just at an average size for her age, she was rail thin. But when she became a comfort eater, this quickly came to an end. She EXPLODED. In her first month at the orphanage, she gained twenty pounds, her once slim belly becoming saddled with paunch. Although it went unnoticed by her, the school bullies were not so unobservant. They were relentless. She heard every insult in the book. "Fatty", "Godzilla", "Tubby". And the more they pushed her, the more she ate to escape it.

The all consuming yet fleeting pleasure of food was the perfect release for all of her troubles, and she could barely go a minute without it. Over the years, she got fatter and fatter, her once concave belly now a massive blob of fat bursting outwards in front of her a yard, shaking violently with every step of her plump feet. She could barely get her thunderous things through doors, much less her impeccable ass. Her gaunt face had ballooned into a fat, blobbish affair, looking like she was hiding soccer balls in both of her cheeks. By the time she was sent to Yamaku, she clocked in at 600 pounds, and she had gained another 100 while she was there.

Hanako had been too big for Yamaku's uniforms 400 pounds ago, as well as most clothes in general, so she went nude, never leaving her room. She had studies and homework delivered to her room, as well as any library books she might've wanted, or food if she was hungry. It was the perfect life for her. She never had to socialize, never had to reveal herself to the people who would only hurt her, and she could have anything she wanted on a whim. Of course, she didn't really have any friends as a result. Well, except her. She had met Lilly a few years ago, as she had been tasked with bringing Hanako her homework for that day. The mail slot on her door that things were normally delivered through had rusted shut, so Lilly had asked to be let in. When she received no response, she betrayed her normally polite nature and barged in on a terrified Hanako. But that terror faded into relief as Hanako realized something; Lilly was blind. She couldn't judge her. She couldn't she how horrible she looked. Hanako didn't just smile, she beamed. Lilly was not so happy. "Excuse me, but I've been sitting outside for five minutes asking if you could let me in, but you've chosen to totally..."

"...I... I'm sorry..." nervously stammered Hanako in a voice that reflected her soft figure in it's quiet and subdued tone.

"Oh, I apologize." said Lilly, regaining her composure. "I didn't mean to insult you, I was just frustrated. My name is Lilly. Lilly Satou."

"I'm... Hanako..." replied Hanako, growing more nervous at the sight of the beautiful girl in front of her.

Lilly was tall, and yet, not imposing. She had an air of kindness about her, an air that could almost be described as motherly. Her glorious blond locks flowed from her head like a golden waterfall, punctuated only by a black hairband. Her face was soft and caring, her body voluptuous. She was everything Hanako wasn't. And it scared the hell out of her.

Lilly asked to stay, she was worn from her long walk to Hanako's dorm. Hanako tenatively allowed her company, and they sat and talked. They shared a fair few interests, literature, traditional games, even certain aspects of their personalities. Suddenly Hanako realized why Lilly terrified her. It was because Lilly was the girl that she used to be. That she would've still been, if not for that damned fire. She sniffed.

"Anything wrong?" Lilly asked, unable to see the subtle tears flowing from Hanako's face.

"No..." she sighed. "Nothing at all."

The conversation wrapped up soon after that, Lilly grabbing her cane and saying her goodbyes. But before she left, she asked something of Hanako.

"Tell me, dear. Do you think you could let me touch your face?"

Hanako cringed. Doing so would reveal her true self. But refusing her would perhaps drive away the only friend she had made in years.

"Okay..." Hanako sighed reluctantly. She was going to find out anyway.

Lilly cautiously gaited towards Hanako, but before reaching her face, she walked straight into her massive gut, with an audible "Oof!"

She collected herself, but said nothing. Her trim body wrapped around Hanako's titanic midsection, she slowly lifted her hands up towards her face, and began to feel around it. She gingerly patted her hands around the soft, doughy flesh of Hanako's face, her faced scrunched awkwardly. Not a disgusted scrunch, to Hanako's relief. An inquisitive scrunch. An interested one.

Lilly drew her hands away from Hanako's face and thanked her, grabbing her cane and heading out on her way. Hanako just sat there on the bed in mild shock. She slept well that night.

But that night was many years ago, and now an even bigger Hanako leaned on a bathroom counter and examined herself.

She sighed. She had stopped caring about her physique a while ago. Honestly, she even kind of enjoyed it. It was nice, being enveloped in that much squishy flesh every single moment, every movement producing a sensual quiver in at least one part of her body. She waddled over to her bed and cracked open a fresh 3-liter of cola and a bag of chips. Today would be a good day.

After an entire day of binge eating and watching TV, Hanako slowly arose from her bed and looked over at the clock. 3:05. Somebody would likely be about soon with her homework. Sure enough, she soon heard the sound of knocking at her door, followed by what sounded like a feverish attempt to cram something through a broken mail-slot.

To Hanako's surprise, her courier decided that privacy wasn't an issue and headed straight in, Hanako shrieking a bit in shock. What she saw was a mildly handsome boy about her age, with unkempt brown hair featuring a single cowlick. They just stood there and stared at each other awkwardly for a few seconds, the boy almost fully not expecting to walk in on a morbidly obese girl in the full nude.

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