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An interactive story about a magic school in Scotland. 1000 GP's for adds! RWBY crossover!
This is an interactive story containing 375 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and (usually) ends with multiple choices. Click on a choice and you'll be lead to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, you will have the option to write it! Don't be shy... make an addition!
The owner of this Interactive Story begins with this information and guidance:
Starmage academy is in an unknown forest in Scotland. You don't find it, it finds you.
After being forced to battle an evil witch after just discovering about his Mother's magic, young Ryan Carlson attends Starmage academy for witches and hunters. In the midst of all this Ryan must accept his new way of life, but in any school anything can happen.
Will Ryan and co enjoy thier year of learning? Or will some horrid fate befall them? You decide!

Below are the people.

Ryan Carlson.
The 17 year old hero of our tale. Before he attended starmage he had to spend a year in Asia. His Mother wanted to give him extra training in combat. The reason for this is so he could stand a higher chance of overcoming the road ahead of him called 'Being a witch hunter.'

So he went around Asia learning different martial arts. He learned Kenpo from monks in Tibet. Ninjustu from ninjas hidden in Mt. Fuji. And Tae-Kwon-Doe in Korea. He is also well trained in the way of the katana.

His appearance is short dark brown hair, narrow bright blue eyes and an often stoic face.
He wears a leather jacket with Japanese symbols on it. He wears old nikes with blue jeans.
But for the most part he wears the school uniform which is a red jumper.
In terms of personalty he is a bit of a loner. However under that lies a man with strong will and morals.


Jenny Forth
A 16 year old girl who is attending starmage academy. Before that though she was at Ryan's old high school where the two of them dated in secret. Her leaveing left a gap in Ryan's heart but soon will that be healed?

She was already given basic training by her Mother, she uses this to hide her secret cat ears from everyone. For she is one of the few "Neko girls" in the world.She also learned healing magic so she could look after Ryan if he was ever wounded. All her magic is used via an old book her Granmother gave to her on her 10th birthday.

She has brown hair in a ponytail. Her eyes are a light green and her face has a kind look on it often.
She will wear a wide amount of coats, like a puma hoodie (Which she gave to Ryan as a gift before she left)
or a purple raincoat.
Her personalty is that of kindness. She will often have a kind word for all and is the moral rock for Ryan when things get hard for him.


If you want to check the other people then check this "Starmage Academy list of characters
Here is the intro part 1 "A tale of witches and hunters.
And here is part 2 "A tale of witches and hunters

Okay I need to put a few rules here.

1. No TG or shrinking, or body swap. The reason for this is becasue all people in the UK were born with immunity to these magic types. You can use hypnotisim however but don't make them mentally think they are the other gender. You can make them act younger than they are, but only if it's for humour and they can go back to normal in the next couple of chapters.

2. I encourage sex (They are teens after all.) but focus on the person's feelings at that point. You can do anything sex related, oral or anal etc.

3. Fights should be long and cool, I want to feel the action when I read it okay?

4. Oh and you can have any of them killed, but If Ryan bites it then the tale ends and you need to put an option before the death so you can avert it.

5. Also becasue The Witch people are special guests they can't be killed, you can make it very close however. And I would like to thank Mr Runner and scifiwizard for allowing me to use a crossover.
If you wish to read thier work then click this link. "The Witch

Also Ryan and co make a guest appearance in scifiwizard's interactive. I recommend it to those who like my interactive "Mad Science and Sorcery (Please Add!)

6. And if I enjoy new adds then I shall e-mail you some gift points as a token of thanks.

7. Also the story has to take over the course of a year. Feel free to show what happens after the year is over. Please keep all adds focused on the story.

8. First person writing is encouraged, please state the POV of who is speaking. But I will also allow third person.
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