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A transformation story where all changes are final, and cannot be undone, only added to.
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Chapter 8: A bustling cafe downtown  
    by: bobboled   More by this author
Alana head outside and get into her car to grab a bite to eat. She noticed that her doors are slightly different now, with the passenger seat door opening from the right instead of the left. Both doors opened to reveal that the driver's seat took up the entire right half of the car so that she, as a humantaur, could drive. There was no back rest, only an elevated cushion like a bed and a dip in front so Alan's front legs could control the gas and breaks.

She hopped in and began to drive, surprised at how easy it was for her with her new form. She decided that for lunch, she would head down to the cafe her friend worked at in the bustling downtown district of her city. Her friend always gave her a discount and Alana needed to eat about three times as a normal human would now. It wasn't very far and Alana soon arrived at the cafe. She walked in, but saw that there was a line. There were only two people in front of her, but more were piling in by the minute and her extra body length was pushing some people out the door.

Someone got impatient and Alana looked behind her to see a prissy looking girl tapping away on her phone as she gave Alana the stink eye. Alana didn't like that, so gripped the stone and whispered into it. The girl put her phone into her pocket, then reached up and took her head off at the neck. As she slid it off, it was revealed that her neck had actually been skewered atop a large penis jutting out of her neck. Inside her bra, her breasts seemed to expand to the size of beach balls, but they were lumpy and uneven. Eventually, part of her 'breast' peaked out of her top, revealing itself to be the head of a very long and thick penis. Had she taken her shirt off, the cafe would have seen that her breasts had vanished, replaced by two three foot long soda can thick cocks with baseball sized nuts, and they were just barely contained by her bra. Also, she still saw them as her 'breasts'. From below her skirt, a heavy cock slapped down onto the floor, reaching from her crotch where it had replaced her pussy, down to just past her ankles. A nutsack grew too, the size of two grapefruit, ripping her panties apart. her dick headed body picked it up and slung it across her shoulder, flipping her panties up and letting everyone see the massive vagina that was wedged between her buttcheeks. As a final wish, Alana made everything else about the woman's body ultra feminine such as her wide hips and amazing butt. Her body then wagged a finger at her head and placed her head upside down into her purse, allowing the humantaur to see the anus on the underside of her detached neck.

When Alana had finished with her, it was her turn to order. her friend Stacey was there to greet her. The two of them quickly chatted it up, with Stacey not once mentioning Alana's new hermaphrodite humantaur form. She took her order for three salads, two sandwiches, and an assortment of fruits and gave Alana her discount. She thanked her, but before she left Alana whispered under your breath. Her friend's body changed dramatically and quickly. Her hair turned into a brilliant platinum color. Her body become beautiful, like that of a fitness model. Her mouth grew outward and elongated into a an erected 9 inch penis with golfball sized nuts that dangled over her chin. Her breasts grew and grew to just under an E-cup, after which she unbuttoned her work shirt and wrapped it around her waist. She unclasped her bra, letting her juicy breasts hang out in the open so you could see how her nipples had been replaced with a large female mouth in their places. They smiled at Alana and thanked her for coming in, saying the two of them should hang out sometime. Alana agreed and thanked her transformed friend before taking a couple of seats at an open table.

While she waited for her order Alana decided to...
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