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Rika & Renamon have a really weird day. You decide how weird.
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Chapter 5: Play Breast Poker with Renamon  
    by: System_Crash  More by this author
"Well..." Rika pressed, still waiting for Renamon to give her a response.

"It's... interesting." Renamon replied, gently cupping her new, F cup breasts and giving them a gentle jiggle. "To be honest, I feel a little top heavy."

Rika laughed a little, "Ya, but I have to admit they look great on you. A whole lot better then that bimbo we saw at the modeling agency earlier."

Renamon just nodded, still gently bouncing her breasts in the palm of her hand. Digimon, while supposedly genderless, still tended to gravitate towards a male or female mindset. Renamon's mindset was female, and it was strange for her to now have physical body parts that actually identified her as a girl. Still, while Renamon was trying to get a sense for her new mammaries Rena gently slipped out of the room, disappearing off to a closet in the house where she quickly grabbed a black plastic case.

"Hey, Renamon, since mom's going to be gone the rest of the day, you feel like playing a game."

Renamon turned, her attention finally being drawn from her new breasts. The strange delay in their movement as she turned sent a small shiver up Renamon's spine, the pair of fur covered orbs rubbing having a provocative sensation. Still, with iron will Renamon suppressed the thoughts, seeing Rena standing at the door holding up a long, black case, gently swinging it back and forth in a taunting manner.

"What kind of game?"

Rika smiled, stepping into the room and shutting the door before quickly crossing the room. "Okay, I don't know why but I was thinking about when we met up with the other tamers last week. Kenta was bragging how he had played strip poker with his girlfriend and won. Well, while I don't believe a lick of his story, the idea of strip poker gave me another thought. Why don't you and I play breast poker."

"Breast poker???" Renamon echoed.

"Ya. In strip poker, at least the version I'm thinking of, players make bets using their clothing. They take the clothing off, and it acts like a poker chip."

"Okay, so then how would want to make breast poker?"

"Same rule. We're both starting out with F cup breasts. We'll make bets based on our cup sizes, and whoever wins the hand gets the cup sizes."

Renamon turned her head a moment, thinking about the process of the game. It made sense, and the fox digimon could tell by the look on Rika's face that she really did want to play. So, with a smile and a sigh Renamon nodded her head, taking a seat on the floor beside the low end table in Rika's room. The red-haired tamer quickly broke out the poker set, letting Renamon shuffle the cards as she took out a few chips.

"Okay Renamon, how about this. We both are F cups, which is the sixth letter in the alphabet. Let's say each chip is worth half a cup size, and when we're done with a round we'll always round up."

"Why round up?"

Rika smiled devilishly, "That way, we won't just be passing cup sizes back and forth. Everytime one of us breaks a half, we'll get another chip to complete the cup size. So, we could be adding a cup size a round if we both manage to break with half."

"Whatever you want to do is fine with me Rika." Renamon replied, finishing shuffling the cards and quickly dealing out two hands while Rika gave herself and her digimon partner twelve chips each. Rika also set up the computer nearby, and by using a few keyboard shortcuts Rika would be able to keep track of their breast sizes fairly dynamically.

The first hand began, and after changing out a few cards each had their hands and began making bets. Each time they put down two chips, Rika used the keyboard shortcuts to lower the respective player's breast size. So, not only were there chips an indication of how things were going, but their breasts were as well.

"All right Renamon," Rika said, both having put down two cup sizes a piece. "What have you got?"

"Three 8's" The digimon said, showing her hand. Rika smiled, quickly turning around her own hand and revealing the fact she had a full house. Revealing in her small victory, Rika drew the chips towards her, quickly increasing her bust size by four cups. Thus, Renamon was left with a nice pair of D cups while Rika's chest had swollen to a rarely heard of H cup.

So, with each hand the pair began trading cup sizes back and forth, neither getting very far ahead before the other pulled of a good hand and took everything. They also had several times where Rika purposefully raised with a half a cup size, just so that they could introduce more chips and cup sizes into the game.

After a couple hours things were intense. The past two hands had been small, but at the moment both digimon and tamer knew they were sitting on good hands. Rika glanced over her cards, arms gently squishing her I cup breasts. She and Renamon were dead even, but Rika let a small grin spread onto her face, hidden from Renamon by her cards. She had a straight flush... 5, 6, 7, 8 ,9 in all hearts. It was her best hand, and Rika knew that this was probably going to be their last hand.

"I'm going all in." Rika said, pushing all of her chips to the center of the small table. Renamon look up, a little surprised. After a few moments in silence, when Rika thought Renamon was going to fold, the digital fox gently pushed all of her chips forward. Rika felt her heart starting to beat a little faster, wondering just what kind of hand Renamon had. After a few tense moments, like a pair of wild west cowboy's standing of at high noon, Rena flashed her cards first, smiling.

"Straight flush with nine high"

Renamon nodded, turning her own cards around. "Royal Flush"

Rika dropped her cards, her mouth hanging open. Still, Renamon smiled, setting down her own cards before gently drawing all the chips towards her. "Well, I guess that means I win."

"Yes, it does," Rika said, her surprised look shifting back to one of sinister joy. "And now, its time to cash out." With that Rena turned, counting off in her head as she increased Renamon's cup size by eight sizes, putting it at an unheard of R cup. Renamon quickly shifted her hands to her chest, moaning a bit as her breasts were flushed with heat. Like bread rising quickly in an oven, Renamon felt her breasts growing larger in her hands, spreading out her fingers.

It didn't take long, but still Renamon was panting a bit when everything was said and done. The pair of huge, R sized mounds were sticking out of her chest, hanging down a little but finding a strange, natural support due to the fact she was digimon. Her breasts were now bigger than her head, even a little bigger than basket balls, and even as Renamon gently held up the massive orbs waves of pleasure were rolling across her body. The extra size had lead to an uncommon level of sensitivity, and Renamon could barely bite back a moan before it escaped her lips.

"Having fun Renamon?" Rika joked, ignoring the rule of the game as she left her breasts at an impressive I cup.

Renamon tensed, gritting her teeth for a moment as she tried to gain control of herself before relaxing and looking at Rika. "I'm sorry. They are just at... little sensitive."

"Oh, really." Rika said, leaning in a little as she stretched out her hand. "So, if I touch them like this..." At that Rika gently set her hand on the side of Renamon's R cup breasts, her hand sinking down into the fur before beginning to make a small gently circle. Renamon tensed, trying to keep control of herself but finding it a very difficult battle. It just felt too good, almost as good as the first time she and Rena had kissed, realizing that they had feelings for each other stronger than any of the other tamers and their digimon.

"And, what about if I do this?" Rika continued, bring around her other hand as she began to rub Renamon's other breast. This action was enough to draw out a weak moan from Renamon, her defenses starting to crack under the pressure. Rika knew all of this, for while Renamon was so concentrated on keep herself quiet she was leaving their metal connection unguarded. Rika found feel herself getting aroused just by the risidual waves of pleasure she was receiving from Renamon, and it only made Rika wish to go that much farther.

"And, what about this?" Rika said, using her knee to push the table away and pressing her breasts up against Renamon's, her head leaning in as she began to kiss Renamon's cleavage, her nose and face sinking down into the crevice between the two fleshy mounds. Renamon couldn't hold it back anymore, gasping in a deep breath before moaning loudly, leaning back as her body was assaulted by the sensation's coming from her breasts. Her arms went limp while, at the same time, her back tensed.

Rika pulled back at this, letting Renamon recover as she turned back to the computer. She hit a few buttons, and began to moan quietly to herself as her own breasts began to swell, quickly reaching the same R cup. Still, it was even more provocative for Rika since her breasts were now pressing tightly against her shirt, the seams straining to contain the massive orbs as they continued to grow. It was painful and pleasurable, the breasts fighting to consume the last few piece of space in her shirt at it tried to hold them back.

Finally, the moment of truth came and with a resound rip the breasts burst out of Rena's shirt, surging forward a little before bounding and sagging a little. Rika gasped and shouted, panting as she held her now R cup breasts. They really were a lot more sensitive. She couldn't help but massage the massive mammaries, letting each and every moan escape her lips as she enjoyed the sensation.

Still, after a time of enjoying herself Rika looked back at Renamon, the digital vixen turning her eyes to meet Rika as the pair stared at each other. They were both panting, their bodies aggravated and aroused by the sensation of their breasts. The only question meeting the two at the moment was what to do with their R sized assets.

============================================================================ ========

Option 1:

Rika decides to play with the computer a little more, not adjusting her and Renamon's breast sizes but the sensitivity in the jumbo jugs. Still, after increasing her own sensitivity Rika can't even concentrate enough to adjust Renamon's, the tamer falling back onto her bed as she got completely lost in the sensation of her breasts. She starts begging Renamon to give her a good rub, and what good digimon partner wouldn't want to fulfill the wishes of their tamer.

Option 2:

Before the situation can escilate, Renamon hears the sound of the outer fence gate opening. After quickly regaining her composure, Renamon manages to adjust her and Rika back to their normal sizes. While Rika isn't happy to be back at such a small size, she appreciates Renamon's actions when her mother comes in. The pair are still panting, but Rika makes the excuse that they had been sparring and, since they did have practice fights every so often, Mukino will believe them.

That is when Rika's dear mother will break the news that she got asked to go to a last minute photo shoot in Paris, the biggest of her career. It means she'll be gone for a week, but Rika just smiles and wishes her mom good luck. Once Mukino is gone Rika and Renamon can't help but sneak back to her room, planning to enjoy Yamachi's software and explore its capabilities further.
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