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Chapter 36: How to properly hold a Stark  
    by: Darklumm  More by this author
Arya had been so close.

She had been so close to escaping. If only the guard that had been placed in front of the gate had not recognized her. She didn't know how he did it, but her best guess was that he had seen her next to her father during the tourney of the hand.

Currently she was in her chambers, where a few maids had just finished bathing her and were dressing her for meeting the Queen. They were looking dissaprovingly at her hair, which had been cut by Yoren so she could pass as a boy, but evidently it hadn't been enough to get her out of the city. She didn't blame him for leaving her here, she knew that he had a duty to the Night's Watch. Jon certainly had instilled a sense of respect for them into her. The swords that had been promised to the ancient order for his discretion had of course helped his decision to leave her in the snake pit that was King's Landing.

Finally the maids were done dressing her. Arya looked at herself in the mirror and hated to admit that the Lannister maids made a decent job at cleaning her up. She had been on the streets for a week or two before Yoren found her, so she was aware that even cut short her hair looked like a rat's nest. Not anymore, it was now a clean bob cut that hung to her chin.

She was brought before the Queen and Joffrey in the throne room, where the entire court was assembled. She saw a few familiar faces in the crowd, and her sight rested on Sansa a few moments. Her sister had apparently been crying a lot lately, because her eyes were red and puffy and it seemed like she hadn't slept a day in a fortnight.

Arya now stood in front of the Iron Throne where, behind her the entire court who were judging her, in front of her the Kingsguard who were watching her every move. There were only 5 in attendance, Jamie Lannister having run from the capital, and she hoped that Merwin Trant had been killed by Syrio and her dancing instructor escaped. Beyond the Kingsguard were Cersei and Joffrey, the Queen barely able to contain her giddiness at having both Stark girls under her control and Joffrey looking at her with a cruel glint in his eyes.

„Well well, what do we have here? A little wolf pup all alone, abandoned by it’s pack.“ The entire court laughed, most probably to get onto the Queens good side. Arya didn’t react, she was used to ridicule. There were only a few people that didn’t call her „Arya Horseface“ after all, and those who weren’t related to her she could count on one hand. "You sure are a feisty little girl. Running away, when I sent one of my Kingsguard to collect you, now that's not something a noble lady of the court would do."

Now Arya was beginning to understand what would happen to her. She would be forced to attend court, to be shown of to Joffrey's followers.

Well, she wouldn't make it easy for him to show her off.


She had been caught again. It had been her third attempt to escape this week alone. Arya was sure that she would eventually succeed, because she had nearly unlimited time to plan her disappearance. But something was different this time, she wasn't led back to her room, but into the Queen's chambers. Cersei was waiting for her, looking smug as ever.

The youngest Stark girl had been a major headache for the golden haired Lannister. The older one, Sansa, was easily intimidated. A threat here, a suggestion there and the little bird sung to her tunes, but Arya had been stubborn. She didn't do what she was told and tried numerous times to escape. But no more, the Queen had enough. But Cersei was smart enough to know that no matter what the Stark girl did, short of murder of course, she couldn't lock her in a room and be done with it. But now Cersei had a plan which would surely prevent another escape attempt, and even if Arya would be successful she would easily be found again after Cersei was through with her.

"Leave us. I wish to speak with the girl alone." The room's other occupants, maids and guards and even one of the Kingsguard immediately left the two women alone.

"What am I to do with you. Will you ever get tired of running away?" Cersei began with a motherly tone, one which Arya knew to be fake.

"I won't stop until you are dead. When Robb knocks on the cities walls, I will be the one to kill you." Arya answered without thinking. How dare this woman, no this witch use a tone that her own mother would normally use to berate her when escaping sewing lessons with Septa Mordane to train with the bow.

"I was afraid you would say that, child. But you will find that you will be unable to run in a few months time." With that the Queen called for one of the maids, who immediately took her place behind Cersei. "This is Tama. She will take care of you in the foreseeable future. In fact, why don't you start taking care of our dear Arya right now." With that the Queen gestured to a table that Arya hadn't seen before. It was absolutely loaded with all different kinds of food. The variety was great, but they all had one thing in common. They were extremely fattening.

Arya was grabbed by two different maids, and held down in the chair that she was sitting in. She was panicking. What were they going to so to her? The answer came a second later, when the first maid, Tama, grabbed one of the many pastries on the table and crammed it into Arya's mouth. She tried to spit it out, but one of the other maids was preventing her from doing so by holding her mouth closed and forcing her to chew and swallow. She tried to break free, but the two maids holding her down were surprisingly strong and wouldn't budge, no matter how much she tried. A second pastry was forced down her throat, but this time she didn't make the mistake of opening her mouth again. But Tama simply pinched Arya's nose, so that she would have to open her mouth to breath, and in the moment Arya's opened her maw another baked goodie was shoved into her mouth.

Meanwhile Cersei was watching with unadulterated glee. Here was the daughter of Ned Stark, who looked so much like Lyanna, the woman that was the reason for her unhappy marriage, suffering at her hands. In her mind it was the ultimate form of revenge.

Her plan was foolproof. She had seen what obesity had done to Robert, he was incredibly slow, and through his sheer girth he could easily be identified in a crowd. The same logic could be applied to Arya, who once fattened up properly wouldn't be able to escape.

When the maids were done feeding Arya, the table had been cleared of all food. It was all in her belly, which looked as if she had swallowed two watermelon's whole and she felt nauseous and was close to tears. She was carried back to her bed by the maids previously holding her down, and when she finally slept she could only imagine what the next day would bring.
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