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A character from Tokyo Ghoul gains the ability of body possession thanks to a Quinque.
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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Welcome to the grand opening my new possession story, "Tokyo Ghoul The Bodyjacker Archives"! As you might have been aware, this interactive use to be called "Bleach: Ichigo's new power", but I have decided to have change this story into a Tokyo Ghoul possession story and moved all the chapters this story to my "Female Anime/VG Character Possession" story. I have made a chapter pathway for the Bleach possession story and added all of the past chapters there. If you want to view them again and add chapters to that story please follow the link below:



There will be different Tokyo Ghoul characters possessing this power depending on what the writer/reader chooses.

The plot of this story will be made from the beginning of each storyline.

Dr. Kanou has created a quinque, but this isn't just like any other quinque like the CCG's have been using, but a rather greater class of weapon. Using the RV cells of a ghoul "Bodyjacker" he has created the "Jack" a quinque that gives the user the power of body possession. The user is able to possess anybody human or ghoul. It works by turning into a bowie knife. Upon first look it seems like a any other bowie knife, but the Jack gives the user the ability to teleport anywhere at will and if used to stab somebody will transfer the users mind into the victim's body. The blade will heal the person's body as if it never happened and the users body is ether soul less or on auto pilot. This quinque is given to a character and the story begins.

OC Character:

Jack Mezjiami AKA "Bodyjacker"

Jack Mezjiami was an human who was the son of a great CCG investigator from Japan and his mother was an American doctor who met Jack's father in a ghoul raid while being saved from a ghoul. His father and mother were killed by Aogiri Tree and was taken at the age of 13 to doctor Kanou. Dr. Kanou subject him to horrible experiments for 6 long years. Jack strong will prevented him going crazy insane and still plans to break free from Aogiri Tree and Dr. Kanou. At age 18 he has undergone the same procedure Kaneki had and has gain the powers of a ghoul. Jack's procedure was more dangerous due to the fact he has the RV cells of genetically modified ghoul DNA, but he endured and gain special ghoul powers that nobody has seen before. This power was body possession as he was able to turn his whole body into mist and possess any living person by going inside their bodies.


Sex is fine

Please write chapters that are at least 7-8 sentences with a plot and good writing.

Please no turning characters gay unless the character from the manga/anime is gay. Yes I know Shū Tsukiyama is up for debate cause of the whole Kaneki thing, but I want the story to not be purely gay possession story in his storyline and others as well.

Have Fun and add chapters!
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