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  1. New found powers comes a whole new adventure
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Jay get injected with a serum that gives him body possession powers mind control,and more!
Chapter 1: New found powers comes a whole new adventure  
    by: LoneDynasty   More by this author
Jay walks back home from school and walks past an old builting and into a dark ally. As he walked down the ally he thinks about the day he found the shop and the mysterious merchant who made his dreams come true. Jay payed the dark mysterious merchant a small fee of $20 and got back in return a once in a life time opportunity. He remember the joy he had as he took that pill that give him body possession powers. He remember the times he used it for his own gain. He smiles as he walk down the ally and think of the times he got to see and feel with a girl feels and got inside his love's body as well.

But he only had the power for a few days before he loss it. He gone back to the shop for more pills but it was gone the next day. "I wished I'd have my body possession powers again. Jay said as he kick a can on the floor. Then a mysterious man walked up to Jay. "So you want to have powers again" said the man. Jay look at his face to see it was the mysterious merchant who sold him the pill. Jay smiled and walk up to him. "Yes I do want them again please I'll pay anything" Jay said taking out his cash. "No, no. No money I wanted to give you gift. The merchant said as he injections Jay with a mysterious serum.

Jay yelled out in pain as he fall to the floor feeling lighter. The merchant begins to talk.

"I have given your powers back and more, you can now turn into ghost form at will and can possess other people's body and have the power to control other people's bodies, but the person is still aware of what they are doing when you control them. You can read minds and use ESP to move things with your mind. You can also take souls out of people's body and put them in others bodies or kill them. You can turn soul less bodies into your mind slaves."

With that he left into the night and Jay begin to turn into his ghost form. "Cool now I not only possess I can do a lot more. Now to try out my possession powers again on some girls again. It's been two years let's possess some old friends or maybe some new ones?" Jay says as he flow out of the ally and gone to find his pray.

Jay plans to try his powers out on ___________.
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