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A Disease is spreading throughout the pokèmon world...and creating Pokèmorphs!
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Chapter 2: Dawn  
    by: DJ Jaxx   More by this author
Naturally, Ash's newest gal pal. Dawn was gearing up for another Pokèmon Contest. She had been training with Ash for the past few weeks, making sure all of her pokèmon were in good condition. She entered the contest room to see Zoey, Kenny, and even Nando preparing for the contest (Jessalina/ Jessie already lost somehow), but all of them seemed to have headaches, as did many others.

'Now that I consider it...I feel a bit under the weather as well' Dawn thought.

That's when Ash showed up.

"Hey Ash, what're you here for?"

"I decided to compete too! Pikachu, Monferno and the others are all hyped up!" Ash exclaimed. "Anyway good luck!"

"Thanks!" Dawn said, but then her headache got worse.

"Uhh..Hey De De, your up!" Kenny said, clutching his head.

"Knock 'em dead!" Ash cheered.

As Dawn got on stage she noted that half the audience was sick, and the judge Nurse Joy was missing.

"Alright...Go Piplu-AAH!" Dawn yelled. Others in the crowd yelled as well.

Dawn began to feel funny, she was changing into....

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