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A Knight is forced to live life through the eyes of his enemy. 8,910+views
Chapter 1: The begining  
    by: BIG BAD WOLF Is Merry!   More by this author
On the outskirts of a small village is a cave. Inside this cave is a powerful dragon. This dragon has terrorized the village for years, always stealing livestock. Fearful of the day that the dragon would tire of cattle and sheep, the village leaders sent for the man who could potentially solve their problems, the well-known knight and dragon-slayer Sir Eric.

As Eric road up to the cave, he counted the gold coins that the village had given him, which was fifty if he agreed to do the deed, with a further hundred and fifty when the job was done and the dragon was dead.

"These villagers get more insolent every year," he muttered. "If it wern't for the fact that I swore an oath to not harm the defenseless I'd kill that Mayor for his little condition. Well, at least the pay will be well worth it."

Then he looked up from his counting and saw the cave and said, "Well here is my destination. Time to kill myself another dragon."

Eric then got off his horse, took out his sword and walked into the cave. When he entered the cave, everything became dark. He could hear the dripping of water coming from somewhere. He could feel the temperature of the cave start to warm up the further he went in, and he could hear the dragon breathing, heavily.

Suddenly, he saw it, the black dragon that the villagers had told him about. It seemed to be laying on something, its hoard Eric thought.

"I see the villagers asked you to come here," said a deep voice. "The question is what is it that they asked you to do?"

"They hired me to slay you, you foul beast," Eric said, raising his shield slightly.

"Foul Beast! You have no idea as to who is a foul beast human," the dragon said, getting up on its feet. "Your kind have slaughtered my kin for centuries, even when we do nothing to harm you. You just think that we are animals who deserve nothing more than to be killed on sight."

"Oh I have my reasons," Eric said, as he advanced towards the dragon. "It was your kind who burned my village and killed my family."

"So because of the actions of one dragon you think that all of them are evil," the dragon said, circling around. "I wonder if you'd feel that way if you were a dragon and a human had killed your mate and murdered your unborn children, like mine were. I've killed many of your type before, especially those who seem to think that glory is found through the killing of innocent creatures, just because they are not humans. However, in spite of this, I've never seen all humans as evil creatures that need to be killed, only some of them."

"If you think that you can talk me out of this, think again," Eric said. "I'm going to get good money for killing you."

"Well, since you seek a profit, perhaps you should get to work," the dragon said, with a chuckle.

"Oh it's not the profit that I do this for," Eric said with a laugh of his own. "It's the pleasure of wiping your kind out."

"Oh you're going to find this fight to be not as pleasurable, and more costly, than you think," the dragon said as it charged him.

Suddenly, the two of them were fighting, the dragon slashing with its claws and shooting fire from its mouth, and Eric hacking away with his sword and blocking with his shield, each seeking the weaknesses of the other. Eric had scored several good hits against the dragon, with many good cuts along its underside and limbs, but he'd taken injury as well, for his shield arm was broken, and he was clutching the side of his chest. However, Eric felt that he was the one who'd survive this fight.

Just then, the dragon swung its tail, slamming him against the cave wall, forcing him to drop his sword. Then, the dragon pinned him against the wall with its claw.

"Well, this is the most fun I've had in a while," the dragon said, panting heavily. "However, like with all things, it must end."

"Then go ahead and kill me," Eric said, struggling to get out of the dragon's grip.

"Oh I'm not going to kill you," the dragon said. "In fact, I plan to let you live, and experience life as a dragon."

At this, the dragon began to mutter something, and Eric felt himself being pulled out of his body.

"No," he said. "You can't do this to me."

"I can and I shall," the dragon said, still muttering its spell.

Suddenly, Eric felt himself being pulled towards ...
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