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Naruto sick of the abuse snaps and gains godly powers...and exacts his revenge on everyone
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Chapter 2: A young god's awakening  
    by: Hollowichigo2nd   More by this author
Naruto was really angry for some reason even after beating up Mizuki and becoming a Genin.

He left Iruka that night going to his apartment which got ransacked again by the stupid villagers!

Naruto growled, "I can't take it anymore!" He tried to see the best in everyone but nothing worked! He was still hated! He then thought of his peers especially a certain five! Kiba was once was his best friend but one year he started picking on him like everyone else..then Shikamaru and Choji joined in...they used to be his friends! But now they're just like everyone else! Sakura he had saved her from bullies when she was younger and she used to be sweet to him but when she met that Ino girl she changed and became just like her an arrogant heartless Sasuke-loving bitch!

The blond's hatred that he tried to stem all these years was coming up in one big burst...golden energy began to surround him.

He read the usual messages by the villagers, "GO TO HELL! DEMON JUST DIE! WE'LL AVENGE OUR LOVED ONES!"

That did it! Something within Naruto began to awaken and this strange force frightened even the Kyuubi. Then the force washed over the fox freeing it of the illusion it was placed under.
Naruto roared, "FINE SCREW THEM!!! I DON'T NEED ANYONE!!!!" His energy flared up more and created a masive shockwave throughout the village...

Sakura, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji all sneezed and shivered feeling like they would regret ever abandoning a certain blond who once was their greatest treasure and friend until they chose to abandon him.

The Next morning Naruto woke up still angry with the village...he now was 4'10 he had grown a few inches....his hair was longer his eyes now had wisdom beyond his years. He then got up and went to his closet looking for some new clothes...He found them and placed them on.
He now wore an all black outfit.

Naruto then instinctively waved his finger and a powerful illusion appeared around his home.

The blond then walked out of his house and made it seem like he walked out of nowhere...
As he headed for the academy the civilians all sneered at him only to be shocked as he completely ignored them.
One idiot actually threw a rock at Naruto's head only to be shocked as the rock suddenly froze in mid air then returned right back at him. The rock hit the idiot hard giving him a rather nasty knot on his head.

The civilians were now wondering, 'What's with him? He's never fought back before! h-have we finally gone too far?! Have we been wrong all this time?! If so then may Kami had mercy on our souls!'

A certain pink haired woman who was Sakura's mother saw the boy and was shocked at how much he favored the Yondaime in appearance.

When Naruto got to the academy someone called out to him, "Hey baka."

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