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Rated: 18+ · Interactive Story · Supernatural · #1660177
Naruto sick of the abuse snaps and gains godly powers...and exacts his revenge on everyone
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Chapter 3: Sakura's pain  
    by: Hollowichigo2nd   More by this author
Naruto growled as he turned to see a certain pink haired girl with a huge forehead and red dress like outfit come up.

Sakura had gotten here before Ino to see Sasuke only to be disappointed when it was the baka but then as she looked at him a memory came back to her one that Ino had apparently altered to outset her obsession with Sasuke,
Sakura's eyes widened as she began to remember what Naruto did for her in the past then she met Ino...Ino was so popular yet Naruto had been a true friend he had helped her against the bullies before Ino even knew she existed...But when Ino offered her a chance to be liked by everyone she without thinking just took it and joined Ino and the other girls in picking on Naruto.

Naruto gave a cold glare to the girl that made even Sasuke's glare seem tame in comparsion. Sakura was frozen just from the steeliness of the glance.

He then spoke coldly. "What do you want Haruno?" The way he said her last name like they were nothing more than just classmates sent sharp pains into her heart. It hurt bad even Sasuke's rejections didn't sting as bad as this.

Naruto just sneered before returning to a cold stare. "If you're not going to speak Haruno then just stay out of my sight. After all I am just a nuisance to you. Just go to your bitch of a friend and that bastard you all deserve each other!" He turned and walked into the building. His harsh words cut into Sakura's heart like knives.

Sakura was about to yell at him but as more memories of her past with Naruto came up she began to realize she had screwed up...big time, Sakura watched the blond's back with tears in her eyes before she fell to her knees practically bawling with her hands over her face, realizing she had messed up bad. She had abandoned a true friend and the only possible guy in the village that actually ever liked her all because of...her foolish desires to be liked by everyone. From the way Naruto looked at her and spoke to her earlier it looked like she didn't have any hope of ever getting him back.

Ino came up only to be shocked as she saw Sakura bawling....the blond girl ran up to her friend and asked. "Sakura? What's wrong? Did Sasuke reject you again?"

The crying girl shook her head vehemently. "N-No... it's...Naruto...h-h-he hates me!"

Ino gained a dark look. "What did that baka do you?!"

Sakura cried out. "No! He's not the baka here! I AM! He was the only boy of our age group who didn't make fun of me....he actually complimented me! He liked me! And I just..." She started bawling again. Ino was shocked what kind of past did Sakura have with Naruto to make her cry so much?

Ino wanted answers....but she couldn't just leave her best friend out here.
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