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by e_bgem
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the revealing powers of death
Chapter 1: chapter 1  
    by: e_bgem   More by this author
Nevia Bren forced a smile on her face as she stepped into her office,her office was on the far end of the floor,a small space which housed a shelf of books,some clothes,some heels,her laptop and various pictures of public relation officers,Nevia sat on her desk and could only stare into the air,she had always known that Millicence was her mother,after twenty years of being away from her mother,she could still see the face of young Millicence telling her she would be back soon,that was the last time she saw the Millicence facially,she only heard about who Millicence had become but never had another chance to see her,she did not know if she was to cry or feel angry or happy,she suffered a lot after Millicence abandoned her and her siblings but she is fulfilled today doing what she knows how to do best,a knock on the door brought Nevia to the present,she sat up on her desk and asked her assistant,Bruce how she could be of help,
''a Devon Luciotan would like to see you''
This prompted Nevia to rearrange herself and take off her coat,she loved her visitors to be free and feel at home when around her......
Devon Luciotan walked into the small office,he looked around and could not believe why a person with a mother like Millicence would chose to stay in an office so small that it looked like a store,he smiled as he caught Nevia studying him
''good day,Miss Bren''he shook hands with her as he sat down,he looked into her eyes and could see innocence,he smiled calmly again,Nevia looked into his eyes and saw a person living a life of pains,.............

The sight of Devon Luciotan caught me unawares,he had a tanned skin,a smile that could sweep the world off its feet,his smile calmed me but i felt butterflies threatening to send me throwing up,i asked Devon the reason for his coming,his voice sounded deep and rich,he carried an atmosphere of power around him that made me want to do all that he wanted,but i knew better,
''i want to report a noise pollution around Main Saint,the trucks moving around makes it difficult for one to concentrate during the day talk more of in the night'',i was drawn to Devon ,there is something about him that makes me want to run and hide,i feared him but i could not send him out of my office on the basis of my emotions,i assured him that we would caution the truck drivers......

I did not want to hurt her,i felt a need to protect her but my instructions were clear,life does not always give us what we want,it choses for us,i had to induce something and check for her reactions
''Millicence Andrews was murdered this morning'' her reaction shocked me
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