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by kamper
Rated: 18+ · Interactive Story · Fantasy · #1851765
You are the only living vampire... have fun...
This is an interactive story containing 255 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and (usually) ends with multiple choices. Click on a choice and you'll be lead to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, you will have the option to write it! Don't be shy... make an addition!
The owner of this Interactive Story begins with this information and guidance:
This interactive will be more modern than typical vampire stories and interactive. I know that I am going to step on some feet with this one but in the end if you like it than who really cares.


1) Keep it accurate ------- I don’t want to see things that drastically change a character. For example, you can’t have them be straight one minute and gay the next or kind one moment and ruthless the next, unless that is the character choice you have decided to reveal. There are plenty of ways to subtly change a character but for a straight guy to suddenly make out with another guy, vampirism aside is not ok nor is it ok for a character that has been established as gentle and kind all of a sudden kill his family for their blood. There is plenty of ways to turn the story in that direction if you are willing to take the time and write it. However I am not limiting any of these either. You can make the character whatever you want, as long as it makes sense and is ACCURATE.

2) Keep grammar a priority -------- I know that there are many ways to add to a story and that no one is perfect, especially me. I only ask that you do not add an entry that others will have to decipher in order to read it. Just because you can read “test language” as fast as a book, doesn’t mean the rest of us can or would like to. Also, do yourself and everyone else a favor and use spell check. And remember that some document programs need 2 spaces between paragraphs to make 1 on the site. Take notice on your first entry to see if you need to put the extra space in.

3) Keep it interesting --------- This is a no tolerance policy for this interactive. You must keep ALL additions to be at least a paragraph long (Minimum 3 sentences). Absolutely NO one word or line entries. I don’t really care if you have to write out of your but to make up the extra lines but you must fill at least 3. Even if it is a choice based chapter. Entries like “male of female?” or “what about these?” or “more choices” these are not acceptable and will be deleted regardless of what comes after it. Just fill it with something, anything, Quote a poem if you have to just don’t add those small entries that are only good for taking up space and giving more choices. I like reading your stuff not being bogged down with more choices than content. Also, it goes without saying, but sudden stops will also be deleted.

4) Keep your pants on or off ---------- I will allow ANYTHING as far as content is concerned. However you have to keep it realistic and obeying rule 2. Suddenly having the main character have 15 chapters of sex, drugs, and rock’n roll is not cool. Also, I like certain things as much as the next person but suddenly having a blood sucking vampire swallow someone whole is not ok. You can gradually have him/her gain that ability then use it but not a sudden change that is obviously conflicting to the story.

5) Keep it polite ------ I don’t care who you think you are and if you think you are the best thing since sliced bread. If you aren’t going to take a risk and write for yourself then don’t just rip on someone else’s hard work. I will defend those that write and add properly and I am very lenient with my rules when people ask. But ripping on someone for a difference in opinion, style, religion, race, fetish choice, … is not cool and I won’t even bother listening to such a close minded idiot. If on the other hand you have some helpful advice or compliments for someone I will gladly write you back or pass your compliments along, anonymously if desired.

Other than that thanks and have fun.

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