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Due to an accident during a field trip, you are force to start you life over but as a girl
Chapter 1: Return to childhood  
    by: DrakeLaw  More by this author
It was after school and you were walking home after returning from a field trip .

"Man that was one weird, field trip." you said to yourself

Upon returning home you were greeted by your who was working on her laptop.

"Hi, Jazz, how was your trip to the genetics center?" she asked looking up from her laptop.

"It was weird, mom, there trying to make a youth serum but it causes side effects on the animals they tested it on, and they also told us it doesn't work on humans, and I hope there right." you said

"Why?" your mom ask

"Because some of it accidentally spilled on me during the tour around the lab." you said

"Relax Jazz I'm sure they know what there doing." she told you but, you can tell she was worry.

"By the way where is everyone?" you asked noticing no one else was home.

"Your sisters went to the mall and your brother is over at a friend's home." your mom told you as she return to work on her laptop.

"Okay then.." you said "I'll be in my room if you need me."
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