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When the girls are away, your father will play
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The owner of this Interactive Story begins with this information and guidance:
Based on A Day with Dad by lovef33t Also, the name may change, so if you like what you read, fav me so you can still read and write on.

You are a 13 year old boy. You try to live a normal life with your family, but your 40-year-old-father has been treating you differently since you turned 7, especially when you two are alone. The girls in your family have decided to have a girls only vacation and left you alone at home with your 40-year-old-father. He is about 6' 5", handsome, rugged, and has an exceptionally-sculpted and well-defined musculature honed from years of physical training.

Often for punishments he has you give him a massage or force you to smell him, especially after either a workout or a gassy day, but you never quite knew why he had you do this. It's almost as though he takes pride in it. He loves to wear underwear around the house, and sometimes after a long day he'll stuff his underwear in your face for "fun."
No matter what, you could never do anything to stop him. Your father is so much bigger, stronger, and smarter than you, it's practically impossible. Your dad's friends, Dan, John, Bill and Hoss are all assholes. They come over and drink with your dad whenever the women in your house are away. Unfortunately, they all enjoy picking on you and humiliating you with your dad. He has a lot in store for you this week.

You- whatever you want to be, or basically you as a 13 year old.

Dad- your buff, 40-year-old father. Although he's been treating you weirdly since you turned 13, he's been a bit unusual before then. When you started getting erections when you were 10, you slightly remember a moment where he whispered something in your ear and kissed you on your cheek, even grunting sexually.

Whatever, anyways, at 6'5 and 310lbs, your father is a giant of a man with his unbelievable size and muscle. However, his core is also very developed, so while buff and having abs, he does not have a thin waist. He is like a comic book hero stepping off the pages with his huge proportions and every muscle and curve just bulging in front of our eyes.

Dad's buddies:

Dan- a handsome hunk that loves to show off his incredible body. Your eyes easily linger over big muscles and hard abs as he flexes while his beautiful ass captures your full attention.

Hoss- a handsome, beefy muscle man with a laid back attitude. At ease in front of the camera, he knows how to hit his poses and flex his muscles to perfectly tease viewers. Seeing his muscles pour out of his posers its hard not to appreciate every inch of his body, front AND back.

"Big" John- unlike Dan and Hoss, John more resembles a muscle man you'd see at a strongman festival. He is covered in muscle, but has a thick waist. This, of course, isn't saying the others have "thin" waists, as they are thick, but still have visible abs. Thick muscle is what he's got and he knows a hard workout will help him get even bigger, but he doesn't care at all about shredding fat.

Bill- his body is like John's, big and buff, but with a thick waist because of all his core muscles. Bill's charismatic performances of muscle flexing are magnetic...he draws you in like a moth to a flame. His bright smile lightens even the darkest surroundings. Simply put in two words, OH JAYZUS!

Once again, this is based off of another story you can view here:
I created this story because the other story focused more on foot fetish, so if that's your thing and you obsess over it, either add a few of those chapters here or a lot of chapters there. I got this idea from The Boy, who's work you can view here:

This is a GAY story, okay, male interaction only
Try to be creative, anything is good, but creativity makes Dad look better
domination and submission
main character can be sexually excited
Sex/rape (just don't make it depressing)
Adding other men (but try messaging me first)
Not allowed
short entries
sexual descriptions of the main character (he's only 13, it's his dad whose hot)
Scat (message me if you want to add this, but unless I give the okay, no scat)
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