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One of your relatives is a mad scientist and will change your life.
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Chapter 3: He changes himself.  
    by: Scifiwizard   More by this author
You were about to tell dad to stop playing around but the words froze in your throat as you saw a beautiful woman in a long flowing black dress where dad was standing but a moment ago. "Who are you!?" frightened you asked. "How did you get here, where's my dad!?"

"I'm right here, sweetie." smiling, the woman said. "Who else would know about that cute little heart birthmark behind each of your ears?"

Your jaw dropped no one but your mom and dad knew about the heart shaped birthmark behind your right and left ear. "How did you do that so fast?" stunned, you asked. "Since when are you a cross dresser!?"

Dad laughed, his new feminine voice was soft and melodious. "I'm as much a woman as you are a teen girl, my dear Jessica." amused, dad said. he then changed back to his normal form in front of your eyes. "Do you believe me now or should I change you next?"

"No, no... I believe you." quickly, you said. "Just one question, why didn't you tell me earlier? I thought there was to be no secrets in this family."

"This is not a secret, Jessica." serious, dad explained. "I merely chose my own time to tell you about it but you finding that book has brought it out into the open earlier than I had planned. Now I am afraid I will have to involve you in my test on your brothers."

"Your... test?" confused, you asked.

"All of your brothers are mad scientists as well, with similar powers to my own." looking at me, dad said. "Originally, I was going to have them prank each other in a way you or your friends would not notice. If you were to discover our true family heritage, they would fail the test."

"Only now that I know..." fearful, you said.

"I am afraid I must test you as well." finished dad to your horror. "You must play the peace keeper while avoiding being drawn into their little game on each other." he then smiled. "I will not reveal that you know of our powers to them so they will be less tempted. However, you must make sure they keep believing you are unaware or they will involve you."

"If they find out I know, I fail my test?" wincing, you asked.

Dad shook his head. "You only fail if you take sides." seriously, dad said. "Its harder than you think, not taking sides among your siblings, be on your toes."

With that, he gave a low but mad chuckle before vanishing from sight....
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