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Rated: 18+ · Interactive Story · Sci-fi · #1938545
One of your relatives is a mad scientist and will change your life.
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Chapter 2: The little brother  
    by: Runner   More by this author
You spun around and saw that you youngest brother, Mat had just arrived home from school, and was calling out to everyone, not you in particular. Instinctively, you yelled, that you was home, which in hindsight, a mistake. A second later, you felt like hitting yourself because you're such an idiot. Calling him in would mean him seeing this stupid book you've found, and considering Mat's age, he would either believe its real, or believe you think its real, and either bugs you, or worse ridicule you. While he doesn't hate girls, Mat is definately in that stage of his life where he thinks girls are alien creatures. A couple seconds later, he stuck his mousy brown haired hair throughhe asked. "What have you got there, Jessica?"

You sighed, since there was no hiding it from him. "Found this book under the couch. Seems to be about 'mad scientists'" you said. You winced again, Why didn't I just tell him its Frankenstein of something. He would had said 'boring' and left

How does Mat respond?
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