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by metra
Rated: 13+ · Interactive Story · Action/Adventure · #2114200
Humans are at war with an incredibly advanced mecha-converted species
This is an interactive story containing 7 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and (usually) ends with multiple choices. Click on a choice and you'll be lead to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, you will have the option to write it! Don't be shy... make an addition!
The owner of this Interactive Story begins with this information and guidance:
They came when no one expected it. Like shooting stars they crashed into the most remote places on earth. They gathered their forces like that until they were ready to start their attack. There was no offer for peace, no declaration of war, no explanation. They marched into the cities and towns nearest to them, and began destroying everything. Anybody who lived either escaped into hiding, or was captured by the aliens. Standing at twenty feet tall and covered in mechanical armor made of some unearthly metal that made titanium look like paper, our first assumption was that they were robots... but they weren't... These aliens were alive with organic parts interwoven into the mechanical parts. When one was killed by the American Military. It was taken apart and it was then that we understood that we were dealing with their version of man and machine. If the damaged a limb, they replaced it, if hey survived an explosion they regenerated, they had no known limits of strength and no real weaknesses. The war continued to go badly for humanity as a whole when. Hope seemed to be an abstract thought, until one day, something changed the tide of the war....

Hello and welcome! My rules are the same as they usually are in my stories:

Pg-13 so no graphic gore or x rated content

Watch the language, I don't care much for cursing. You might get away with it once or twice but I will delete it if I find a recurring theme

All chapters must be at least half of a page, none of this one sentence crap I keep seeing UNLESS you are simply creating options

No sex.... at all....

Grammar is your friend, I'm not going to be a grammar nazi, nobody's perfect, but at least try. Don't let me see something like "And she run fastly to herself's friend and close the door hard and slam the door then she scream 'ahhhh'." If you can do better than that, then you'll be fine.

On that note, no random nonsensical sentences, no "He pulled a chainsaw out of his fridge before the terminator walked in and punched him in the face" I mean come on now, be logical. It's a fantasy story, not a mad libs book.

Lastly, if you think of something you want to see happen then tell me! If you have an idea, tell me! If you like what I'm doing, let me know!

Ok that's all I have, now enjoy the story!
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