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by Jen
Rated: 13+ · Interactive Story · Horror/Scary · #2172626
For Halloween not real fiction short story. About visiting a grave at night
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Chapter One
I remember one late night after midnight the witching hour, that I explored the cemetery of Devil's lane. It was so creepy exploring the marked grave stones with different people whose lost souls lived under the earth. I thought to myself what the Hell? I visited a grave in particular Mallery Simpson died in 1806 from leukemia disease, and she was only 6 years old. I would bring flowers at night, and set upon the cold ground filled with dirt and grass. Than one night my skin crawled out of my hide and I awoke in a cold sweat like I was dreaming. I placed the flowers upon Mallery's grave and felt a cold, bluish-gray hand come up from her grave and grabbed my arm. I thought HELL I must be dreaming because this was a long time ago and she was not there.

Chapter Two
It must have been a dream and maybe I was sleepwalking. But it sure felt real to me. Mallery Simpson might be contacting me from the grave, but why? I went to the library the next morning and flipped through the pages looking up her name and what had happened to her in 1806. It was a mysterious death unsaid of what really happened to her. I explored further because I was curious to know maybe someone had buried her alive, or maybe it wasn't a disease of leukemia who took her away that day in 1806. I went back to Devil's Lane cemetery that same night and put more fresh flowers on her head stone. Than it happened again her hand came out of the grave gripping harder on my arm. I screamed a blood-curdling octave high pitched voice in terror, and turned away.

Chapter Three
I left that night after midnight and returned home. The next night I decided to return to the grave and saw that my flowers were gone and still was wondering what the hell? I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Than I was told from the caretaker who took care of the cemetery that Mallery Simpson was buried alive and was still trying to come up from her grave after Halloween night to haunt those who took her life. She wanted revenge from the people in 1806 who took her life and said she died from leukemia. HAPPY HALLOWEEN HEE HEE

Chapter Four
The caretaker told me it was a tragedy of what happened to Mallery Simpson because she was a sweet little girl who wouldn't even harm a fly. In 1806 the people were crazy and a war was going on so Mallery Simpson was buried alive so she couldn't tell anyone what really happened that day. Who would be so cruel to harm a little girl like that and bury her alive in a cold earthbound grave? I felt sorry for Mallery Simpson and knew why she wanted to haunt Halloween night to take revenge on her tortured lost soul.
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