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Rated: 18+ · Interactive Story · Action/Adventure · #2193294
Ian is roped into a adventure with a bunch of dweebs and their overgrown pets. What joy.
This is an interactive story containing 7 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Click a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Another one of my interactive, this focusing solely on Digimon. Because it needs love too! The protagonist is Ian Tastuya, a moody and sarcastic bully who is pretty perverted

1. Please for the love of god, know how to use grammar, spacing, and punctuations. I'm not saying ya have to be Stephen Hawking, but still.

2. No short chapters! Keep a minimum of two to four paragraphs at a minimum. I will give leniency on some chapters but don't continuously make them

3. Sexual content will be heavily referenced and implied. And actual "lewd" stuff will happen. Except for full-blown sex and being constantly naked, which is a no-no
3.1. Young Kairi, Young T.K, and Cody will have no super lewd chapters about them.

4. No toilet, TG, Most tf Weight gain, major limb expansion or inflation, or vore of any kind. I will allow some shrinking/growing, and other stuff like that.

5. But the kicker is, the protagonist can't directly cause these changes. The only two ways this can happen is a mishap with their digivices or something weird happens. The digital world is that weird. But the changes are reversible....but the real question is...would you want to?

6. Make character act their age and true to their personalities. But interpretations and exploration on them and how they react to things are not only allowed but is ENCOURAGED.*BigSmile*

8. And while I'm straight. You can play and interact with both boy and girl characters. Although I would like more stuff on girls.

9. And while foot fetish is the main kink of this story and will be a little more focused than my other interactives. It doesn't mean that you blind to a character's other "assets" *eyebrow wiggle*. But be warned, this isn't pure smut(and it can be kinda close). But playful mocking, outright bullying, and teasing is very much allowed and is encouraged. ;D

10. My eternal rule: Not every foot have to smell like a cheese factory, nor do they smell like a field of daisies. Same goes for size and texture. Variety is the spice of life. But it doesn't mean that characters that normally don't have stinky feet and general scent can't have positively barking dogs and same for goes vice versa.

11. Your choices do matter in the long run and shape the main character's personality and develop the others. And remember while you are free to do whatever you want. But remember, you aren't free from the consequences of said actions.
11.1. The protagonist and most of the other characters are going through puberty...take that as you will.

12. One of the major thing about this interactive is it focusing more on human interaction. While it doesn't mean that Digimon can't be d interact with or isn't a major part of the overall story (they are). It just that most of them won't partake in the many fun "relationship" stuff. But doesn't mean that Digimon like Angewomon and Lillymon can't have their time in the spotlight! Or...Ian could "bond" with certain Digimon.

13. These are a bunch of children that have no adult supervision or authority whatsoever. Meaning they can and will say "fuck", "shit", and all that good stuff. #LetMimiSayFuck2019

14. Only seasons one thru four. I haven't watched Digimon Savers and I'm ambivalent on Xros and it's sequel. I also did this intentionally to stop choice chapters from overtaking the story.

15. Keep it either first person pov or second person pov.


1. Kari and Matt (Adventure 01)
2. Jun (Adventure 02)
3. Jeri (Tamers)
4. Zoe (Frontier)

For any chapter on any of the characters on the list above. I will reward roughly four to five hundred points for high quality chapters, and three hundred and below for anything else below.
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