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  1. Carmen the Delinquent Goddess
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Rated: 18+ · Interactive Story · Action/Adventure · #2194756
When a virtual reality game becomes real, fetish fun is not far behind!
Chapter 1: Carmen the Delinquent Goddess  
    by: CountDugula   More by this author
The last thing Carmen remembered was booting up some dorky FVMMO out of curiosity that she'd been safekeeping for her loser of a cousin. Normally the delinquent punk girl would've just either refused to safeguard it, smashed the console, or pawned it for some quick cash. But she had to admit she was curious what these damn nerds saw in these things.

Carmen, or 'Carm' as she preferred to be called, wasn't exactly the gamer type...unless it involved loads of blood and gore and brutal violence of course. Carm was a 18 year old punk girl with a fiery temper and a love of picking on weaker, smaller kids...or preppy stuck up assholes...or just anyone really.

The delinquent bully had been expelled from more schools than she could remember, usually for truancy, or fighting, or vandalism or being caught smoking pot..that sort of thing. She was a tall, well built blond girl who was known for being a bully and an accomplished fighter. From an early age Carm had discovered she could use the threat of violence or intimidation to get what she wanted...and boy was she willing to do so.

Carm was feared throughout the halls of RidgeWard High School for being a walking time bomb who would smile at you as she punched your lights out. Her last school she got expelled from rumor has it for punching a teacher. So she already had quite the rep starting out here at RidgeWard.

When Carmen put on the visor after plugging it in, she switched it on and the world went white before she passed out it seemed.

She grunted as she opened her eyes, seeing nothing but a void of apparent data and code all around her. She was dressed in her normal ratty clothes of a t-shirt and black jacket, torn jeans and combat boots. "What the fuck kinda game is this?!" Carmen roared aloud rudely.

A text box appeared in front of her, catching her off guard for a moment. "The fuck is this shit...?" She murmured as she read through it. Carmen may be a delinquent, but she's far from stupid...and as she read the lines of text she found her interest piqued.

ATTENTION: User 1003 congratulations! You have been selected to enter the Realm of Goddesses FULL EXPERIENCE! The FVMMO was a mere test run to decide potential applicants! Upon accepting our Terms and Conditions below, you will be transported to the real dimension which inspired the game

Continuing to read, Carmen read the most interesting part...that she would be granted omnipotence and the power of a giant goddess. Carmen could dig that, she always was a fan of holding power over others, anyone really.

"Huh...maybe this ain't so lame after all..." Carmen gained a sinister smirk as she pressed her finger to the 'Agree to Terms and Conditions' box and a check appeared.

With that, the text box vanished and a blinding light engulfed Carmen...

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