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  1. This...is going to end badly...I just know it.
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Rated: E · Interactive Story · Romance/Love · #2202116
Can you help Abigail be the very best across the land?
Chapter 1: This...is going to end badly...I just know it.  
    by: Weeb Lord   More by this author
C'mon Rose! The next town is only..." An overly preppy voice cheered, the owner is a young girl with fluffy hair white as sunshine. Her innate...greenness was painfully obvious as the way she looked at her town map. Her forehead practically touching the damn thing's screen. Sort mint colored eyes squinting at the screen's map, quietly murmuring to herself. Her lips curling upwards. "....A half-mile away!"

"DeinDeiDi....DeinDei!" Her companion, a young Deino dully grumbled. Cursing in her strange terminology. Easily finding her trainer's....optimism to be worse than smelling a Koffing...on a hot summer day.

"Jeez Rose, don't be such a potty mouth. You ruined those pretty little fangs!" The young girl teased only first and only Pokemon. Causing the creature to hiss up a storm. Which the girl only giggled in response. This became an odd sort of bonding ritual between the two. It all started ever since she threw a premier ball at her while she was napping on her parents' estate. Becoming her first-ever Pokemon! And the grumpy little dragon now stops chewing on her poor bottom in three minutes flat, which is showing real promise on their blossoming relationship!

Much to said pokemon's chagrin.

That...and she technically....ran away from home. And used her beloved father's money to get a trainer's license for herself. But alas, her adventurous wanderlust can not be tamed! But she did write a note to her loving parents. Surely they will understand her predicament!

As the sun shines in the sky, and bird Pokemon flutter about. What trouble decides to come to greet our illustrious duo?
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