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You get shrunk in a videogame!! Shrunkendude back with a new account and interactive XD
This choice: Shadow warps right into Sonic's stomach to try and rescue Tails. · Go Back
Chapter 17: the ultimate sacrifice a true hero  
shadow managed to get tails out of sonics stomach somehow and he gave tails to you you then see something that cathces your eyes and tails looks that way too and tails eyes widened even knuckles and shadow a propane tank is what you were looking at while you just smiled a little then you look to knuckles
you: knuckles i have an idea this will kill sonic hopefully and destroy the house but i need you to get tails to a safe distance for me to complete my little plan and also distract sonic for as long as you can if possible shadow: kid what are you doing?
you simply look at shadow knuckles and tails and smile and give them a thumbs up to which they look at you confused then you face the propane tank
"lets go" were the last words you say befor you run towards the propanee tank to knuckles tails and shadow's surprise you managed to make an easy path towards it but lets skip to the end sonic had knuckles and shadow cornered tails was still hiding and they both had broken legs and sonic was about to kill them until they heard you say "HEY ASSHOLE!" sonic then looked at you in horror and saw that the propane tank was leaking and you had a match ready to light the propane on fire tails knuckles and shadow were watching in horror as they thought about what was going to happen sonic looked at you with an evil smile and said "well kid i don't see what your going to accomplish by lighting that fire what do you think i will let you live after cussing at me?"at this he laughed but you smiled calmly and replied "you got the second part right" sonic and the nothers looked at you confused and shadow said " what do you mean the second part?" you looked at sonic with an evim smile and responded with " i mean the me dieing part im guessing none of you ever took glass blowing classes well let me dumb it down so all of you can understand you see if you release to much propane from a propane tank and a lightle heat source then KABOOM! it explodes but in this case the explosion will destroy the entire house killing me and sonic in the procces sonic no matter how fast you are you cant possibly escape the explosion hehehe Guess you can't unmake how things end up. None of it. This is all just how it is. But you never got them, did you? They're safe. So that's just fine.want me, come and get it. I'm just scars and tar anyway. But you didn't get them--did you you sone of a bitch? if i had know that i would die for my freinds to live i wouldn't change a thing at least my freidns and my brothers are safe from you knowing this all i can say is that they are safe so that is just fine with me.. my chapterr in the world... is over HAVE AT ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!" those were the last words that you said before you made the house explode and killing sonic in the proccess the explosion was loud enough the real sonic and amy heard the blast from 2 miles and they rushed over rto the house only to see remains of the sonic robot and tails knuckels shadow and you all out cold except you weren't breathing and you 4 were all normal sized but it wasn't the end yet
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