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In memorial of Sonic Feet 2007 - 2013 A story about Sonic and co.'s feet!
Chapter 1: Welcome Back  
    by: Servant to the Blue   More by this author
About 6 years ago you had the wildest dream of your life after playing too much Sonic the Hedgehog on
your Sega Genesis. In your dream you actually MET Sonic the hedgehog and somehow, he KNEW about
your foot fetish! Every night since, you have had dreams similar to it, but not always quite the same, some
times you were shrunken down to the size of a quarter and made to lick the huge walls of flesh that were
presented to you. Other times, you were just a normal sized human slave to the hedgehog. You even
remember this one time with Espio the Chameleon and Vector the Crocodile forcing you to be their slave.
You remember it vividly, you also remember a whole bunch of typos too... and these crazy scenarios always
played out, but never fully felt like they were finished.

You remember these dreams so vividly, but two weeks ago, without warning, they stopped. Just like that.
You still could play out the scenarios in your head like it was just last night that you had those dreams,
but ever since, you've just had normal dreams. You don't think much of it now, but boy were they some good

Today is a Saturday, the first day of summer! You're off on your own, just out of college, life is great! You think
back to the dreams you had and decide to pull an all-nighter of Sonic Genesis, for old times sake. The console
is a bit dusty because, well, recently you haven't had all that much time to play it and you think it's not going to work,
but you'd be wrong to think so. You plug in the Console to your television, and get the cartridge, and you look at it for
a second, thinking something was a bit off, quickly shrugging off the feeling, you put the cartridge in and the game starts up.

You sit down as the signature "SEGA" theme plays, but all of a sudden, the screen turns blue, shining blue light all over the room.
You think, "Ah the thing must've crapped out from being so old." As you reach to take your cartridge out, another bright light
flashes and you fall into unconsciousness. You wake up a couple hours later....
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