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  1. Your First Bodyport
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It's the future, and body swapping is a common occurrence.
Chapter 1

Your First Bodyport

    by: MysteryGirl   More by this author
You stared at the doors of the bodyport, nervous. You've never done this before, but your friends have and they said that it's completely safe and you have nothing to worry about.

Your name is Jonathan Rivers. You're 21, caucasian, male, you stand at a good 6 foot 4 inches. You have short, brown hair, a broad chest, and you've been considered attractive by the women you've ran into before.

You sign and enter the building and check in at the front gate.

You walk over to your section of the terminals and sigh once more, still worried.

"First time?" asked the attendant at the counter where the buttons control everything.
"Yeah." you replied, obviously nervous.
"Don't worry, you'll feel better about it. So, why are you swapping?" he asked, smiling.

You smiled, knowing conversing with the friendly attendant would make you calm down a bit.
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