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  1. Meet the new Lookout
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A new crewmember may have changes on the Straw Hat crew waistlines...
Chapter 1

Meet the new Lookout

    by: Silverfighter   More by this author
"Wow! I can't believe how great this has been going! I got myself a first mate, a navigator, a cook, a doctor, and a archeologist!" grinned Monkey D. Luffy, standing on the figurehead of his ship. Suddenly, he began slipping and was about to fall in the water when a hand grabbed him.

"Calm down Luffy!" shouted Zoro, Luffy's first mate and a master swordsman. "You know you sink like a rock!"

Nami, the crew's navigator, then went, "Bet you five minutes later he'll be on it again,"

"This crew needs more women. I love to have more beauties like Nami and Nico around," said Sanji, as the cook sat back, smoking his cigarette.

"You want more crazy, hard hitting girls around?" asked Chopper, the reindeer who ate the Huma-Huma fruit and the crew's doctor, just before Sanji's leg came down on his head.

"Save it, Chopper. Men like that never grow up," said Nico Robin, the archeologist and former Miss All Sunday.

"Hey Luffy! You forgot me!" shouted Usopp, the long-nosed crewmate scowling.

"Uh, what are you again?" asked Zoro, "Are you the gunman? You spend more time..."


"I got tired of waiting!"

"What the?!!!" shouted Sanji, a hole opened in the deck. Standing there was a large, fat woman with long purple hair. Her belly stuck out from under her shirt, and her hair was down to her well-rounded, big butt. The girl was clad in an armless shirt with pants that squeezed and hugged her jello-like legs and thighs.

"Hi there! The name's Debuki!" smiled the girl.

"WHERE'D SHE COME FROM?!!!" shouted Usopp, shocked.

"Wow, you're all soft and jiggly," said Luffy, the not-too bright rubber man poking Debuki's belly in curosity.

Debuki grinned, before grabbing Luffy's head and giving him a huge kiss on the lips.

"You're cuter in person than in real life," said Debuki.

"Spill it...what are you here for?" asked Zoro, pulling out one of his three swords.

"To join up with the Straw Hat Crew of course! You guys are going to be big, I just know it!" smiled Debuki.

"Whoa..." went Luffy, a bit dazed from Debuki's kiss.

"Doing what for us?" asked Nami, raising an eyebrow.

Debuki pointed a jiggling arm to the left, saying, "50 feet to the west...there's a small rock with a red lobster crawling on it. He's between the moss and a rock,"

"Oh yeah, like anyone..." began Usopp, taking a telescope, before drawing his jaw. "NO WAY!!! SHE'S RIGHT!!!"

"I've trained my eyes since childhood," smiled Debuki, "I can see further than a telescope when I focus, and I can see to the smallest detail. I'm going to be the lookout!"

"Alright! Debuki's our new lookout!" shouted Luffy, smiling.

"She looks like she can enjoy a good meal," thought Sanji with a grin.

"Hmmm...another girl on this ship would be nice, even a fat one," thought Nico and Nami.

"Well, I'm going off. Chopper, would you give me a hand with training?" asked Zoro, before taking Chopper off.

"What's with him?" asked Debuki.

"Old sword boy never trusts anyone at first," said Sanji, "Go figure,"

"You two have eaten the devil fruits, haven't you?" asked Debuki to Luff and Nico. "It's ok. I've eaten one too,"

"Huh?" asked Luffy, "Which one?"

"The Fat-Fat Fruit," smiled Debuki, before taking a breath and suddenly her body began swelling up and up, making her larger and larger.

"Whoa!!!" went Usopp.

"I fight using my entire body. Body slamming, grappling...it's all enhanced by being this huge. As an added bonus, the fruit makes my skin stronger," smiled Debuki, before deflating back to her regular fat size.

"Uh, no offense, but don't do that again to extreme, or you may sink us, much less fit in the crow's nest," said Nami.

"No prob," said Debuki, before everyone went back to their normal activities. Debuki then decided to spend time with...
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