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Your trapped in a giant's house. What do you do?
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Chapter 3


    by: Deanthrocyte1   More by this author
You find yourself in an enormous stone room inside an enormous castle. Everything is at a phenomenal scale. Wooden chairs tower like skyscrapers. The stones of the floor could support neighborhoods, or even villages.

Before you, you can see why.

At an enormous table sits a barbarious giant. He has incredibly long hair and bristly beard running from his nose down along his broad chin. The only clothing he wears is some fur loincloth and leathers straps along his feet and up his shins, adorned with gold ankle rings. This is a titan of impressive muscular form, and compared to him, you are so insignificant. You must be less than half an inch tall compared to him, just an insect in his perspective.

The giant is too busy to see you as he tears into an enormous leg of meat. You watch as he crudely rips off enormous mouthfuls of flesh and chews them up before swallowing them. You could be nothing more than a morsel to this titan, like those shreds of meat.

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2.   The giant sees you

3.   You find a place to hide...

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