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by Ani
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fantasy · #1314954
Seventeen year old Martin stumbles upon a weird body swap device with many functions.

Seventeen year old Martin stumbles upon a weird body swap device with many functions.

This is an interactive story containing 754 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You're a 17 year old guy named Martin who stumbles upon a unique device that was in a crate that fell off a truck. Its actually a body switch device that you later find out and begin using.

The main characters in this are:

Martin Remy (17): You, the main character. You're a junior in high school, you have a big family, a mom, dad, and 3 sisters. You love sports although you hardly play any than watching on TV or going to games, not popular, but not a geek either. You are a bit of a joke-ster and love pulling pranks.

Mom Helen (42): Your loving mother. She's a bit of an overprotective mother always wondering where you and your sibling are at and keeps tabs on you. She does love everyone but feels she needs to know where her poor children are at, at all times which is unfair to you and your siblings.

Dad Bill (46): Your father. He's a professor at a University teaching Advanced chemistry, and is very smart. He's usually busy all day at the college. He's laid back but still a cool dad.

Sister Jenna: (20): Your eldest sister. She's loves working out and exercising. She's on her college track team, the same college where your father works, and is obsessed with fitness and being in shape. She has a very good athletic figure and is the tallest of your siblings. She's also has a bitchy attitude to boot and is mean to you and your siblings.

Sister Megan (16): Megan is the middle child of your sisters and is the most shy and nerdy. She wears glasses, has average looks, and is usually the quiet one in the family. She loves to draw in her notebook. You and her are in good terms although she finds it rude that you keep telling her to lighten up and meet new people. Has strong admiration to your girlfriend Sarah and respect.

Sister Jessica (9): Your youngest sister. She is a huge crybaby and will cry at every little thing. She's what you consider a drama queen, and love attention for herself directed for herself. She has an obsession with cookies that will make her do anything just for one.

Girlfriend Sarah Johnson (17): Your girlfriend whom you knew since childhood. You and her are the best of friends. She's a bit of a brain and loves to laugh. She's black, has a great figure, size D breasts and great curves. One of the members in your circle of friends along with Martin and Marco having grown up together. Sarah has a tight friendship with Megan also protecting Megan from bullies. Meg's trust in her was slow at first but now Meg trusts her.

Parents: Jack (41) Alisha (40)

Best Friend Marco Hermida (17): Childhood friend to both you and Sarah. The three of you are very close. Marco is a playboy and a pervert, but he is a reliable friend and buddy who you can trust. Lives with his father and sister Debbie. His mother passed away a few years back.

Parents: Edgar (45)
Sister: Debbie (22)

- No deaths
- Sex is fine as long as its not the focal point of every new chapter. Keep it to a minimum and not make the story all about it. There are other things to do as being someone else, so keep it moderation
- Keep the personalities of every character the same. You can do things like have the characters act like others in another body only if its for shits and giggles and that's it, otherwise keep everyone else the same.
- Keep the story flowing and don't end it abruptly. Keep the story going
- Have good grammar, unintentional typos are OK.
- Keep the story lengthy, as in write more than two paragraphs, unless you are putting up choice options that require more than two choices. This interactive is pretty lengthy as is some of my own entries so keep it flowing with story
- Have fun and enjoy

- I reserve the right of editing deleting chapters as I see fit that doesn't throw off the balance of the story.
- When telling the experiences of other people being swapped or others going through their lives instead of Martin, be sure to include whose point of view you're explaining the story from in the form of:

Ex: P.O.V: Sarah

(Then write their side of the story)

- Along with that you could also make the other characters experiences in first person experience (Ex. I went to........ )

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