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  1. Beginning the Mystery
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Join a girl detective and friends as they search for clues at an abandoned mansion
Chapter 1

Beginning the Mystery

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To start the story, you'll need to choose which character's viewpoint you'd like to write the adventure from:

You can choose to be Summer Salt, precocious, problem-solving young 11-year-old with a head for mysteries and feet that are off-the-scales ticklish.

Or, be Summer's little sister Mouse, who always follows her big sister around, usually leading them both into one humiliating predicament after another.

Or, you can choose to be one of Summer's clue-sleuthing friends, Jamie or Chris, who may be either boy or girl, but are both even more ticklish than Summer, if that's even possible!

Alternately, you can write the interactive from the viewpoint of one of Summer's adversaries, either the Clown Prince, a maniacal criminal mastermind in a tuxedo and clownface, who delights in trapping and humiliating children with tickling torments; or Pao-Ting, the young genius exchange-student who always tries to thwart Summer and the gang.

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