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by Jester
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What happens when you shrink one day in your high school? <Eleven years strong!>

What happens when you shrink one day in your high school? <Eleven years strong!>

This is an interactive story containing 492 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:

Big thanks to everyone who added as part of the impromptu anniversary celebration thing. I think it's time to turn my head toward 500 chapters. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for it, or when we'll actually reach it, but that deserves something special. I guess we'll see when we get there.

For now, thanks again to everyone who adds. This story wouldn't be the same without you. Now on to the regular preamble.


To those who haven't noticed, I've been away some time. I haven't updated or personally added chapters in a while, and I don't know that I'll ever return to regular additions simply due to the business of everyday life these days. I will still keep an eye on things and edit or remove chapters as I see fit, and I'm sure I'll write a few more chapters before my time with this piece is fully done, but I won't promise much more than that.

I still love this story. I've loved watching it grow, watching new writers so enthused that they add their own touch and every time I open this site and see that "New Chapter" message in my mailbox, it makes me smile. This story started for me, and at the end of the day, but at the end of the day, it's equally as much for all of you. The weirdly huge, erotic macrophile community of Writing. com that's risen and fallen and risen again while I've stood aside and watched. To those who inspired me, those who've moved on, and those who've arrived and caught my eye with their own works.

This one's still for you.

Anyway, storywise...

You are Jack. A typical high schooler. Suddenly <insert gasp here> You are shrunk! What will happen? Let's find out.

The Important Characters, as they stand:

Jack: This is you. You're an average high school every man with a knack for making cool friends. No story required.
Samantha: Jack's crush. He's afraid to talk to her most of the time.
Amy: Samantha's friend. She's a little eccentric.
Courtney: Another friend of Samantha's. She's quiet and a bit strange, but you know her.
Lee: A friend of Amy's. She hates your guts.
Emma: Jack's best friend. She's a year older and loves to mess with him.
Claire: Rich bitch. She hates Emma, and by extension, she's not too fond of you.
Kelly: A girl in Jack's class. He likes her, but not in a special way.
Ashley: A girl in Jack's gym class, who gets way too into certain sports. She's a bit odd.
Meg: Samantha's friend. You don't know much about her.
Kayla: A goth junior. You think she's cool, but you don't really know her.
Alina: A goth girl in one of your classes. You're not sure what grade she's in. Easily irritated.
Tuesday: A friend of Alina's. A bubbly goth girl with a bubblier butt. Flirts as a self-defense mechanism, and also for fun.
Ariel: Your feminist ex-girlfriend, who was always obsessed with female empowerment even when you were dating her in eighth grade. That was a long time ago, and she has probably gotten over it... right?
Marie: A new girl who just transferred to the school. Naturally, you don't know her very well yet.
Miki: A Japanese-Korean girl with an overly sensitive rear.
Suzie: A bad girl, but not a bully. Suzie wants to have a good time, and she's never let rules get in the way of itm

Blair: Leader of the Sirens, the scariest bad girls in school. Once made a boy kiss her ass until he passed out.
Zoe: The gentlest of the Sirens, at least in Jack's experience. She has a massive crush on him.
Tanya: The cruelest and most imaginative of the Sirens. Not afraid to be thought of as disgusting to make someone's life hell.
Viv: Tanya's older sister. A horndog with a special secret and a love for toys.

Ms. Green: Jack's bottom-heavy english teacher, on whom he has a schoolboy crush.
Ms. Deboodt: A frighteningly strict teacher with the body and demeanor of a dominatrix, and stories to match.
Nurse Erin: The school nurse. You've never really had to visit her, but she seems more mischievous than helpful.
Dolores Taylor: A busty lunch lady looking for something to liven up her day.

Rules for Adding

I'm not a huge stickler about content, but I've had a few problems with writing quality in submitted chapters. So here are a few guidelines if you're going to add.

1. Chapters must use clear English. Avoid run-on sentences, use punctuation and capitalization. All that good stuff.
2. Chapters must be broken into paragraphs. If it's short enough to be just one paragraph, it's probably too short to be a full chapter.
3. Stick to a second-person narrative as much as possible.
4. NO CHOICE CHAPTERS. There were some early on, but we're all better than that. I'm willing to bend on this if you write one of the follow-ups immediately, but a choice chapter with no content is a waste and will be deleted.

That's pretty much it. Little errors are no issue and can be fixed, but chapters that don't meet a certain standard are likely to be deleted. I will always message you about this if and when it happens.

Thanks to Arach, Lunablade, Steamgear, Neon, Joe Random, eggman, Odysseus, Alina, Jonny, zikade, WritingGirl, Robby, mcgiante, ShrunkenElf, Hparry, DRAGO, PenHandleUnknown14, Da Boss, and many others for their additions!
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