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by wizkid
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This Fanfiction, in which the characters of Naruto Shippuden get tickled
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Chapter 4

Naruto's retribution....

    by: Mage   More by this author
Sakura Haruno was walking through the streets of Konoha after running a few errands for her master, Tsunade. Having been given the rest of the day off, she was free to do whatever she felt like doing.

Elsewhere, Naruto Uzumaki had just finished having his lunch at Ichiraku's and was racing back home to train some more. As he was racing back, he ended up crashing into somebody!


Both Naruto and the other person fell to the ground. Quickly getting up, Naruto stammered out an apology, but the other person wouldn't hear any of it.

"Naruto, you idiot!! Watch where you're going!!"

Looking up, Naruto realized that it was Sakura yelling at him. He replied,

"I'm sorry, Sakura! I just wasn't-" but Sakura interrupted him....

"I don't need your excuses!" and Sakura reared back to bash Naruto's skull in.

But surprisingly, upon Sakura's fist impacting Naruto.....


'A shadow clone? When did he-'

Sakura's thoughts were broken, however, when the real Naruto hiding on the roof of a building tossed a smoke bomb down at her. The gases in the bomb were so strong that they made Sakura succumb to it's effects. It only took a few seconds for her to fall asleep from the fumes.

'Sorry Sakura, but this is the only way to make you stop hitting me for every little mishap I've done.' Naruto thought as he picked her up and headed back to his house.

(Hours later)

Sakura awoke to find herself laying down in a dark chamber. She tried to get up, but even with her newfound strength, she couldn't get up. It was then that Sakura realized her situation.

Her arms were tied above her head, revealing hairless armpits, her shirt had been lifted up to show her slim midriff (but it stopped just below her breasts.), and her boots had been removed, as Sakura felt a slight breeze hit her soft soles and toes.

The thing that caught Sakura's attention, however, was that everytime she struggled, the ropes binding her glowed blue and she felt her chakra fade away. Whoever put her here must've come well prepared for her...

Suddenly, a blond person wearing orange and black came out of the shadows. It was none other than Naruto. Sakura saw him and said,

"Naruto!! Thank goodness you're here! Where are we?"

"We are in my basement, because I put you here!" Naruto answered her.

Sakura immediately went livid, "What!? Why?! Let me out of here now!!"

Naruto chuckled a little and replied, "Sorry, but you won't be leaving for a while. Now it's time I got some payback for all the times you've beaten me up for no good reason!"

Sakura, slightly fearing Naruto's attitude change, questioned. "Oh? And how do you plan to do that?"

Naruto grinned a foxy grin and answered, "Simple. By tickling you to the point of insanity!"

Sakura went wide-eyed. She knew that she was extremely ticklish, especially on her armpits, mid-section, and feet.

Now truly scared, Sakura stammered out, "W-wait Naruto. C-can we just talk about this?"

With the foxy grin still on his face, Naruto said, "Sorry, but it's too late for that. Now where should I start at first?"

After a little bit of thought, Naruto stepped toward Sakura's...
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