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You gain the power to turn into liquid and enter screens, then enter the body of girls.
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Chapter 5

Sonya Blade

    by: tony00hop   More by this author
Anthony had been looking forward to playing Mortal Kombat vs. DC, and found this to be the perfect time to do so. After the cool intro, the character select screen popped up. He soon selected Sonya Blade, but then he felt dizzy. His hands started to shake, the room seemed to be moving around him and he felt really light, almost as if he was air itself. Anthony looked down at his hands and noticed they looked like water. Before he could even put a thought together, Anthony was pulled into his T.V. and he blacked out. While this happened, he dropped out of the sky, right above Sonya. Sonya looked up and saw the liquid Anthony had become falling down.

"What is tha-" She began to ask before Anthony landed in her mouth and went down her throat, knocking her out. When Anthony came to, he could feel that he was on a rocky ground. Slowly he started to open his eyes and noticed he was outside, but there was something yellow in front of his left eye, so he couldn't see as well with that one. As he started to stand up, he felt a weight on his chest, and that he was wearing really tight jeans. He looked down, and to his surprise, he found that he had huge breasts, and that he was wearing a tight white tank top, dark green pants, and black fingerless gloves that went almost to his elbows.

"Holy crap ....I'm Sonya Blade?!!" Anthony/Sonya said in a very feminine voice, she realized that it was hair covering her eye, so she moved that piece of hair out of her face. As she looked around, she noticed that she was, in fact, in the temple of light and found the need to .......
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